Sunday, December 23, 2012


I lay in bed, naked, with my cock throbbing, anticipating finally meeting the MAN of my dreams. We had exchanged emails for months and had a couple of sessions on Skype, but now the real thing was about to take place. I hear him at the door and immediately get on my knees with my head bowed. The doorknob turns and he walks inside. I dare not look up as I've been instructed not to. He removes his shoes and walks over to me, towering over me, this massive hulk of a MAN, clad in jeans, a tight muscle shirt and wearing dark sunglasses. He speaks, "Are you ready to worship me boy?", "yes SIR" I respond. "Are you ready to taste a real MAN boy?", "yes SIR" I respond again. "You are worthless compared to me boy, UNDERSTAND?", "yes SIR, I am nothing compared....". "SHUT UP boy," he barks, and firmly presses his hand across my mouth. "All I want to hear from you is Yes SIR, no SIR you piece of crap!". I stay kneeling, shaking at the thought of upsetting this MAN you could overpower me so easily.

He grabs my head and forcefully pushes it into his crotch. "You ready to take my MAN meat boy", "yes SIR." "And you better not fucking gag or you'll be in trouble boy", "yes SIR". I am in heaven, my head buried in the wonderful crotch of my dream MAN, just waiting until he takes off his clothes and I see his flesh up close. He releases me from his strong grip and orders my to remove his shoes and socks and then lie on the floor underneath him; he towers over me. He takes his foot and rubs it on my hard cock. His manly feet proceed to move across my entire body as I shiver in anticipation, my cock dripping. He brings his foot to my face and rubs it all over me. "keep your tongue in 'til I tell you boy!" be harks. He then brings his foot to my mouth and orders me open up. "Taste your Daddy boy, and don't forget your first taste as there will be much more". I suck on his feet and toes with a keen eagerness. I feel worthless at the feet of this REAL MAN.

My Master proceeds to slowly undo his belt and remove his pants. I notice the huge bulge popping from his briefs. "Not yet boy" he say, "all in good time." "Are you ready boy?" he asks. "Are you ready to see what the body of a REAL MAN looks like boy?" "Yes SIR, I've been dreaming......". He bends over and slaps my face. "I told you once boy, only Yes SIR and no SIR. Do I need to beat it into you?" "No SIR", I respond quivering. "No more chances boy. You speak again and it's big trouble!" He stands over me again and begins to remove his shirt. As does he sits on top of me, his crotch up against my chin. "Want you to get an up close look at this body boy". "And no touching boy; you only get to look for now." My mouth begins to drool as I finally see up close what I've been dreaming of for months now. The bulging biceps, the huge, hard pecs, the rock hard abs; I couldn't believe what I was seeing. He begins to pose for me and my cock begins to really throb underneath him. He then moves up and sits on my face and says, "pretty soon that's my bare ass you'll be eating boy, just want to give you a sense of what that will be like."

Daddy Jim gets up and sits on the edge of the bed and instructs me to get on my knees before him. Without thinking I place my hands on his monstrous things...bad idea. He smacks my hands away. "What did I tell you boy??" he yells, "NO TOUCHING!" He yanks me up by the hair and throws me down on the bed, throwing my like a toy. He places me in a choke hold, his bulging bicep pressing hard against my cheek and massive arm squeezing my neck as I struggle to breathe. "I could choke you out boy", he whispers menacingly into my ear. He applies pressure for a while and makes me beg to let go. "Please SIR, I beg you not to hurt me SIR." He finally relents. "You're lucky i'm not in a really bad mood boy, or you'd be in real trouble. But I'm gonna make sure you don't touch me for a while." He grabs some rope lying on the bed and proceeds to tie my hands together behind my back. "Now back down on your knees boy," he barks. I resume my place kneeling before him as he sits on the edge of the bed. "Now it's worshipping time, slave boy!"

Applying hard pressure to the back of my head, he starts me at his feet and slowly moves me up his legs as my lips and tongue go to work on the piece of art. He skips over this crotch area and brings me up to his arms. I slowly worship his forearms and biceps then he buries my face in his pits. I'm in absolute ecstasy. "This is what it's like to taste a real MAN boy." He then buries my face in his stomach and abs as my tongue and lips go wild tasting him. I can feel the bulge in his underwear growing. "Are you ready to nurse on my boy?" "Yes SIR," I say, sure to say another word. He brings me up to his left nipple and I being to suck for what seems like hours. He forcefully moves me over to his left nipple and I spend a while worshiping. He then grabs me by the ears and brings me up to face him eye to eye. He begins to lick my face all over, and then gives the most forceful, beautiful, long kiss I've ever had. I'm in pleasure heaven. "That's all for now boy," he says, "you haven't earned more kissing yet." He then stand up and takes down his underwear. "Now it's time to worship my manhood boy," He shoves me into his crotch and massive cock. I lick up and down the shaft and in between his thighs. I'm in heaven again. He shoves his man meat into my mouth and suck on my Master for a while.

After some sucking he yanks me off his cock and pulls me up. "You did a good job boy, daddy is pleased." He then lays me down on my back and gets on top of me. He grinds on me as I feel his every bulging muscle on my body. i long to touch him all over, but my hands remain tied, a reminder of my earlier lack of obedience. He cradles me in his massive arms and begins to fondle my cock and balls and kiss me all over. i could remain in his arms forever, I feel protected and safe. He sucks me for a while and we engage in some deep kissing. After a while he sits up, "that's enough affection for now boy," he says. "Time to feel Daddy's wrath again!:

He slings me over his shoulder and walks around the room, carrying me like a rag doll. As he walks with me he begins to spank my bare ass. Though painful I enjoy the sweet sting on his massive hand on my ass. He graciously continues to fondle my cock and balls as well. he then puts me down and bends me over his knee as he sits on the edge of the bed. "Time for a real spanking boy, are you ready?". "Yes SIR", I respond, scared and excited about what's to come next. He begins to spank me, every so often fondling my cock and balls, and playing with my hole. After a while he orders me to stand back up. "OK boy you're earned some more worshiping time, but just for a little while. and this time, you get to touch boy." He unties my hands and runs them across his arms, stomach, and chest. My cock is about to explode! Then he gives me a big hearhug. i can hardly breathe but don't want him to let go. From there I proceed to run my tongue, lips, and across this entire body and he poses for me. He shove my face into his cock again and I suck him deep. He then turns around and forces my face into his ass. "Rim me deep boy," he shouts, "make your Daddy feel good." I stuck my tongue up deep, wanting to please him as much as I could. After some more worshiping he throws me back down on the bed and we engage in some more passionate kissing, hugging, sucking.

"You've done a good job boy, you've earned some attention from your Daddy. But just to let you know who's boss I'm gonna make sure you keep still." He orders me to lay on my back spread eagle and proceeds to tie me to each corner of the bed. Once I'm secured, he gives me more pleasure than I've ever experienced. He grinds on top of me, kisses, licks, and sucks me all over. He allows me to speak to let him know if I ever come close to orgasm, which I do several times, but he doesn't allow me to cum. "If you cum, your Daddy will be very angry boy, and you don't want to see that." He continues to edge me. Spiting in his hand and slowly rubbing and jerking my cock and bringing me close to completion before I tell him to stop. i come close but dare not cum for fear of the repercussions. 

After a while Master Jim unties me and say, "ok boy, your turn to work on me now." He lies on his stomach and I begin to give him a full body massage. My cock continues to throb on top of him as my hands move across his wonderful body and sink deep into his massive muscles. Once he says I'm done, he allows me to worship him once again. He puts me in a strong headlock as my mouth locks on his nipples and suckle him for a while. He gives me strong hugs and kisses and even carries me around the room, cradling me, as we engage in deep, wet, kissing. We come back to the bed and he plays with me. My cock and balls, lightly fingers my asshole, and licking and kissing me. He brings me to the edge again and again, slowly jerking my cock, soaking wet from his spit and my own pre cum. He finally says to me, "Let it go boy, cum for your Daddy boy," until I explode all over, screaming in ecstasy. Soon after, Daddy comes all over my chest then we lay together, me in my strong Daddy's arms.

Before he leaves, my Daddy says, "you've done well boy, you've earned another visit." Thank you SIR" I say and begin to dream again about the next time.


I first saw His profile on Silver Daddies. I thought to myself, was this a man, or a sculpted God that had come to life? My mouth watered as I stared at the sweat glistening all over his magnificent physique. My cock hardened as I stared at the pics of him being serviced by various boys and the way he manhandled them. I quickly moved to the website where I spent hours savouring the different pics and videos highlighting this wonderful work of art. I imagined myself worshiping this MAN from head to toe. Using my tongue to lick every inch of Him, spending extra time on those beautiful nipples and hulking biceps. Then of course, deep-throating that massive cock. All the while showing the obedience and respect a MAN such as this deserves. Then I made contact.....

We exchanged emails where he called me his boy and gave me orders to send pics. All that mattered was pleasing Him and making Him feel like the God he is. To my delight, he agreed to a Skype session. He ordered me to appear naked before Him and to await His instruction. My cock was hard in anticipation days beforehand; I was finally making a live connection with the MAN of my dreams. And then the day came....

I dialed Him up on Skype, and with my heart racing and breath quickening, He appeared before me. The reality of Him completely shattered the fantasy. He sat there wearing a torn shirt, his muscles exploding through. He said to me, "you're staring at a real MAN here boy, take your cock and start stroking it boy...NOW.' I immediately began stroking my throbbing cock as Daddy Jim began flexing and showing off His chiseled body. He took off His shirt and I moaned in sheer delight. Then He finally showed me His massive cock and started stroking it for me. "This cock needs to be down your throat boy,' he said. "Yes SIR," I responded. He began flexing his pecs and said, "your mouth needs to be on these nipples boy.' "i'm craving it like you wouldn't believe SIR," I said, barely able to speak as my mouth watered and my cock edged closer to exploding. He finally said 'cum for Me boy, shoot it boy!!" And I came for what seemed like minutes. I thanked Him for the orgasm of a lifetime and He said I was a lucky boy. Lucky indeed....

I am again deep in the throes of sexual anticipation. It's days before we get to Skype again, and I get to take orders from this impeccable physical specimen. I've jerked off countless times to His pics, His videos, and most of all, the thought of our first Skype session. I'm hoping to be able to service this MAN live very soon. To worship every inch of Him, to have Him control me, give me orders, and manhandle me. Until then, He will be in my every dream and fantasy.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Session with BIGJIM!


One day I was walking through the streets when i saw the sexiest guy ever!! It was BIGJIM and I remembered him from his blog as I was staring at him in ecstasy!! He was headed toward the gym so I followed. I stared at him at every angle because he didn't have a bad  side. After he finished his workout I knew he was gonna take a shower so I took all my clothes and got in to one of the stalls. I waited and finally I saw BIGJIM naked and his big meaty penis swinging around as he entered into the stall next to me! I found a hole in the wall that allowed me to see  me what he was doing!! I peeked in the hole and Isaw BIGJIM sitting down, the water running on his body, while his hand was running down to his dick and started stroking his cock and my dick instantly became hard!! After a minute he noticed that I was staring at him but I didn't notice because I closed my eyes while stroking my dick with my mouth open!! When BIGJIM reached his climax he came 12 shots of cum on my face and in my mouth!! I swallowed all of his sweet semen and he crawled up to me and licked my face clean. Then he kissed me and we shared his cum. After that I reached down and took his big dick in my mouth and sucked it hard and fast until he came down my throat!! It was like I was living a dream!!!! I swallowed all the cum and fell to the ground with my back on the ground and my legs on his shoulders and then he inserted his humongous dick in my ass and he did something I didn't think he would do. He pissed in my ass and filled me up with his piss!!! Then he thrusted his hips back and forth and he started picking up his pace and went harder, faster, and rougher and i was moaning from all the pleasure!! He finally came in my ass andI  felt all his sticky juice going up deep inside me. He left his dick there until his 8 inch dick went flacid into a 5 inch dick!! He took his dick out and licked my ass to get the cum that was coming out!! He concluded the session by slapping  my ass as I stared at him while he put his clothes on and then he left!!I was left behind as one fucked up worshiper!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012



On a warm, humid evening, I am even hotter and hornier than normal. I need to get some sex bad so I log onto my computer and cruise an online sex site, Adam4Adam, looking for a sex party where I can rule some unsuspecting men and fuck them hard! I soon notice that there is a sex gathering scheduled at a local motel. What grabs my eye and makes this special is the guy who is posting it is promising that BigJim will possibly drop in.

BigJim is a stud who cannot get his butt kicked. He defeats every man who attempts to fight him. Making them all his slaves! I immediately come to realize that I will not rule the night but will be ruled. Still, BigJim is such a stud that there is no way to avoid the temptation. He has control over me even when he is not present. I now have a nice hard-on. There is no way that I am going to miss this party!

I arrive early and open the door. The first thing I notice is BigJim in all of his glory! He is already partially nude. He has stripped himself of his pants and underwear revealing a huge and powerful dick like I have never seen. His muscular pecs and bulging biceps are covered by a white t-shirt that cling to his deeply etched muscles. His sheer masculinity and strength are intoxicating. I now have a raging hard-on and notice that there are already 8-10 guys there worshiping the big powerful man.

As I enter the room, most of the guys turn to check me out, to size up the competition. And, competition, I am. I will kick everyone of their butts to get to the big guy, BigJim, a man who appears as a god!
However, that turns out to be a bad move as BigJim does not like other tough guys except to enslave them all including me. He does not likemy tough guy attitude intimidating his slaves. They are not my butts to kick but BigJim's butts to rule!
BigJim's body language is clear. He is angry and his intense focus fixates on me! Even though I know that I am about to get my butt kicked, my raging hard-on intensifies as does every other man's in the room!
BigJim approaches me aggressively, chest thrust out, chin jutted forward, hands balled into fists! I don't back down and BigJim gets into my face. When we are within inches of each other, our physical differences are more than obvious. My football players build, beer gut, and clean cut short blond hair pales in comparison to BigJims ruggedly powerful appearance. There is no doubt in anybody's mind who is going to win this fight! But, I am thinking with my dick, not my brain. My brain would have told me better
One punch is all it took, a solid right hook that sends me stumbling back and falling to the floor. I am done! Time to stick a fork in me. I am now nothing more than a meal for BigJim and his slaves to eat. However, BigJim has other plans for me... enslavement!
When I regain consciousness, BigJim orders me to my knees. I struggle but get on my knees but do so as fast as I can. I don't want my butt kicked again! BigJim then turns around with his muscular butt right in front of my face. A handsome butt that I can never hope to kick. BigJim then orders me to lick his butt clean. In fear, I respond: "Sir, yes Sir! Then shove my tongue up his butt as far as I can. Darting it in and out, then up and down his crack. The taste of his sweat and shit intoxicates me even more placing me under total mind control. BigJim is now in charge and I am his to obey.
After humiliating me in front of all of his slaves, including many more that have arrived by this point, he decides to humiliate me even more. He orders me to be the room janitor. A slave to all of the men that have come there to worship him. A slave to many slaves is now what I have become.
I am now in charge of keeping the line of men and boys, entering the room, moving in an orderly fashion. Since I am tougher than all of these men, they do nothing but obey me at first. However, once all of the men and boys are in the room feasting on their master, loads of cum are now flying onto the floor and up onto the walls. BigJim's slaves then order me to clean it all up or they will have BigJim kick my butt again. As infuriated as I am at having weaker men order me around, I have no choice. BigJim is the dominant man, the butt kicker that I dare not disobey.
As the night goes on, I am cleaning up tons of cum. Licking it off of mens stomachs, chest and even out of their butts after BigJim furiously fucks them all! I have never eaten so much cum in all of my life. I didn't realize that men can shoot such big loads. Then again, I have never seen all of these men with BigJim before. He is so hot and handsome that he makes your balls swell up larger than ever before. Locked and loaded to shoot jizm like balls out of a cannon!
BigJim then decides to have his turn with me. You can hear all of the other men snickering. "What a loser" I hear one of them say and he is about to be proven right!
BigJim grabs me by my hair and shoves me into the bathroom. Throwing onto the floor near the toilet. He then sits on the toilet and takes a huge shit. I have never seen or smelled anything like it. He then stands up and orders me to my knees. Once again he controls me to lick his butt clean and I proceed to lick every ounce of shit out of his huge hairy muscular butt. Much to my surprise, BigJim has saved one more log to shit into my mouth. It is huge and begins to choke me. I gasp for breath but it is no use. As I fall back to the floor, BigJim pulls me up and throws me over his shoulder. Although, I am losing consciousness, I can feel myself being carried out of the bathroom in to the motel room and thrown onto the bed.
I land on my stomach still gasping for air. I feel BigJim grab me by my hips and bring my hairy butt into the air. He then penetrates me hard. Shoving his huge dick up my butt with a force that I have never felt before. Such power ripping my butt-hole apart. The sheer force of his dick thrusting in and out of me forces me to completely swallow his shit. I can breath again but I have never been in such pain as his dick penetrates me further and further. How can a man's dick be so big and powerful that he is forcing me into unconsciousness by fucking the hell out of me? Even qucker than by choking on his huge log of shit. I have never had such an experience before. I have never had my butt kicked so easily nor been so completely under another man's control before. I have never been fucked by a god before!
Many hours later, sometime the next day. I regain consciousness. My butt is still sore from BigJim's huge dick penetrating it so hard and deep. When I finally manage to get myself up. I struggle to the bathroom to splash some water on my face. When I reach the sink, I look up into the mirror. To my surprise and embarrassment, I notice the word: "loser" written across my forehead with a black marker.
While I was being completely humiliated, BigJim was being honored and worshiped. Another victory for BigJim and another humiliating defeat for me!

Monday, September 10, 2012



Friday, September 7, 2012

BigJim's Ultimate Slide Show!


Sunday, July 1, 2012

BIGJIM COACH!!!! Story submitted by long time bud and fellow bodybuilder Gary from Pa! Big Jim has been Head Football Coach at RoughBack High for years! He seems to have a way with turning a foorball team around, and in his years as Head Coach has never had a single loss. The players, students, fellow teachers, Principal, parents, and all regard him very highly. He walks the halls wearing his extremely tight white shirt, muscles bulging to the breaking point of the fabric and in tight black Coach shorts with that whistle hanging from his thick neck. He's also the gym teacher. Big Jim - or Pecules as he's called by all - has motivated the kids he's taken under his wing to the highest levels of scholastic and physical achievements! Everyday, he works out after school with his players. Coach Pex as he's also known, strips down to his sneakers & jockstrap in the weight room, sweating, pumping iron, & motivating the guys to get that last rep in! The players watch in awe as his mighty pectorals bulge & pump under the incredible amount of weight he presses, at his enormous biceps as he curls, at the massive quads & rock hard glutes as he squats! But most of all, they ogle the herculean tits on the MAN! Coach notices the stares, the drool dripping from their lips as he continues to pump! When he has them do their workouts, he stands at the foot of the bench flexing his hard mopuntainous pecs saying "YOU WANT THIS? YOUTHINK YOU DESERVE THIS? YOU GOTTA EARN THE RIGHT FIRST!" This always gives the boys the inspiration, motivation, & encouragement to summon every last drop of strength and push harder to to get more reps out. Before each game, after the pep talk, Coach strips his shirt off and allows the boys to feed from his tits, milking them to give them that added strength and stamina to win the game! They've NEVER lost! After the game, the Coach showers with them - as usual - but offers his entire enormous muscled flesh to all the players at once - to lick, feel, suck, fondle, taste, suckle and feed off his flesh as their reward for a job well done! He allows them all to soap him up in the shower, rub him down in the locker room, and stands over them on a bench, feet wide apart, flexing his Herculean arms and pecs before allowing them to worship! The Principal and the Fathers of the players all join in after the game as well! To show thanks, gratitude, and worship this Man among Men who has brought such victory to their boys and the school as well! Fathers are proud of the way their Sons have grown, muscled, and developed under the care of Coach! The Principal is proud of his Star Coach and Team! All is well until...................................... ....Slime High - their biggest rival catches wind of how the Team has been able to win all these seasons. The coach, players, and fathers of Slime devise a plan to ensure this doesn't happen next game when they go against Roughback High! Late at night, the players and dads wait until Coach Pex leaves the school and follow him in their van. They run him off the road, tackle him, and kidnap him taking him deep into the woods to a hide out. Big Jim is led into the large cabin, stripped naked and bound, arms behind him, to a large beam in the center of the room. Without their Coach, Roughback is sure to lose and they know it! Now, as the players, fathers, and coach gather round the huge naked muscled Coach, they begin to see how it's all possible to win! While Coach Pex is still groggy fromthe chloraform, he becomes aware of his surroundings, who all is there, and the fact that these boys and men are getting undressed themselves! Two days before the big game, they decide to insure their chances of winning by milking Big Jim dry! Never before have any of them seen a physical specimen of such brutal strength, raw masculinity, exuding such animal like sexuality, and macho! Before them, they see a Mammoth MuscledGod! Unable to control their own yearnings, they surround and move in on the helpless Coach - cocks growing erect, dripping, nipples hardening - fathers and sons together with one purpose in mind - suck the strenth from this man! They feel, touch, grope, fondle the heaving pecs, the growing manmeat, the heavy low hanging ballsac, and the extraordinary nipples - fingers slowly circling the areolas surrounding the thick fountains of nip. Tongues soon replace the hands, mouths move everywhere, over 36 tongues cover the entire area of Big Jim! Moans and groans, slurps and sucks are heard throughout the cabin as the mighty tits begin to produce a flow! The slick feel of precum against their boduies is the product of HEAVY precum produced by the mammoth cock of the Coach! Some slip and fall on the wet stuff leaving them at the feet of the musclegod where they waste no time in gobbling up the raining drops of liquid protein! Soon, Big Jim's pecs begin to shakeand heave violently as hands grope and massge them into prioducing a gusher of milk from his enormous man nipples! His cock, now hard as concrete begins to throb painfully as his nuts are pulled and massaged, churning the gallons of dickmilk soon to be erupting from his mighty rod! All that's left is his whistle, still hanging from his neck to remind all exactly who and what he is! THE COACH!! For two days, Big Jim is continually milked until his great tits are raw and 10 times their size from the relentless vacuum power of over 36 mouths, and his mighty cock hangs, not limp, but half hard between his thighs from the same. The players, their dads, and the rival coach are filled with the cream of Coach Pex, sure and confident to win. The suit up and head off for the big game leaving Big Jim tied naked, and exhausted. Roughback High had sent a all alert search party out seekingtheir beloved Coach. Finally, the Fathers come upon the cabin and release the big guy, taking him with a police escort to the locker room making it just in time for the game. Before the players head on to the field, Big Jim's huge naked body is carried in and placed on a bench. With his last ounce of energy, Big Jim manages to utter; "FEED!" Without a second to spare, the p[layers converge on the Coach, sucking as hard as they can, draining the last few drops of milk from the almost lifeless body of the ManGod - that - and the excessive training they've undergone plus the stored up protein from previous games makes it a game to remember. The players - angry at what Slime High has done - takes the field and it's an all out combat zone as they show no mercy to the rival team! They win 26-0! After the game, Roughback High rushes the rival teams' locker room - players and Dads fuck the living shit out of Slime's players, Dads, and Coaches! Big Jim is brought into the locker room - laid on a bench again - and both teams, both sets of Dads, and the rival coaches spew thei laods on Big Jims body bringing the strength back to the big guy! The liquid protein seeps into the pores of Coach Pex rejuvenating him, making him stronger, more powerful than before! Enough so that he is able to exact his OWN revenge on all who'd taken advantage of him! You should see the yearbook pictures! The next year, many students from Slime High tranferred to Roughback along with the coach (who is now the janitor, but doesn't mind cleaning up the locker room after a game)! The town of Roughback enjoyed a boost in economy as the families of those students moved to town at the Fathers request! Now you can find Fathers & Sons training together with Big Jim and enjoying a new bond between them and the Coach as well! As a gym teacher, Big Jim has been able to motivate even the queeniest twinks to new levels by offerin

Monday, June 25, 2012

Run in with Big Daddy Jim (Fantasy)

STORY SUBMITTED BY BIGJIM FAN NATHAN TRUCKING CUB FROM DALLAS, TX Run in with Big Daddy Jim (Fantasy); I’ve been driving for 6 years and I’ve never met a person like the man I met at the bath house in Syracuse NY. I was on my 36 hour restart when I started to get bored, and I was in a real need for relaxation. So I popped on the local gay attraction site and looked for some place to play. Found a Bath House that wasn’t too far from the Pilot Truck Stop on the I-90. It was late in the afternoon which is a great time to go to the houses when everyone is getting off of work, I had my gym bag ready, and checked into a room I had rented for the 8 hours. (While checking in I was lucky enough to see a really hot muscle daddy bear coming the door, nice big arms (Thank God!! for sleeveless shirts). This had to be BIGJIM! I had heard about him and saw his pics on line. As he drew nearer it sure enough was him! FUCK DAMN! I couldn’t get the image out of my head, so to help with that I went into the work out area to do some reps on the free weights. 30 minutes later the same bear had come into the gym with nothing but the same shirt and shorts that showed off the huge muscular legs that he was hiding underneath the sweat pants he had worn in. Luckily I just finished my leg press, and the next machine I was going for what the abdominal crush, it felt great not only pushing the weight around but also to get all that tension out from the road. It would have been easier to focus on the weight lifting if BIGJIM hadn’t show up. But I loved every minute, and he didn’t seem to mind being watched. He’d glance back a few times, until finally he asked for a spot. I was more than happy to grant the request, he was literally gleaming with sweat on he’s arms and chest, and being closer was almost too much. After a about 15 minutes I finished my routine and headed towards my room (thinking about the man I spotted), of course I had a little action going down below. So the towel only option didn’t hide too much. After leaving my room I made my way over to the huge hot tub the bath house had, there were a few others in it already, but luckily there was a corner vacant. The water felt great, it’s been month since I relaxed like this, and slowly my muscles began to relax (well all but one). I just leaned back and closed my eye, enjoyed moment. I hadn’t seen the muscle bear BIGJIM. I ran into at the gym so I figured he was busy with some of the other guys that were coming in. About 10 minutes later I was ready to get out and head back to the room, along the way I seen BIGJIM busy with about two or three guys, he looked like he was really enjoying himself, it was like watching the natural channel with the cubs feed from the mother bear. A little envious I made my way back to my room; I had left the door cracked open hoping to get some passersby’s attention. It wasn’t long before my door had opened all the way and there standing was the daddy bear BIGJIM in all his muscled glory, nothing but a sweaty chest and a towel wrapped around he’s waste. I didn’t really care how he found my room, I was just in shock that he found it, and yes very happy. Before I could say anything he shut the door behind him and locked it and walked over in front, he’s towel dropped to the ground, and a beautiful thick dick was pointing straight at me. He’s massive arms reached out to me and pulled me toward him in a strong and powerful bear hug. I could feel the power in he’s arms and he’s daddy dick poking my stomach. I was in heaven; all 5 senses were being overpowered with everything he brought with him. My eyes were in awe of the god like figure that stood before me, my skin felt the heat and wetness of he’s body and he held me close, my hairs felt like they were standing at attention from hearing he’s low moans and groans. As I started to get into to the moment, I started licking he’s chest, and worked my way around the pits and neck, eventually down to where he’s man meat was jabbing me. My mouth watered from the saltiness of the sweat and to top it all of the smell of he’s natural scent, sent me souring with lust. We get into an intense muscle worship session, he understand that’s this the first time I’ve been through something like this so he takes charge like a true Muscle Daddy, guiding my hands across he’s massive chest and shoulders down he’s huge biceps to he’s abs, and ass. Few moments later it’s a free for all, exploring every inch of he’s body, taking my mouth and nursing on he’s pecs. The next thing I remembered was he’s hand grabbing my head and bring it towards he’s mouth where he rammed his broad tongue into my mouth. Without warning I start feeling something warm run down my leg, he was pissing on me while he had me trapped in he’s python embrace, he’d guide my head to he’s pits and pecs. Soon the warm wet feeling stops and he put both arms on my shoulders and shoved me to the ground, put my mouth on his hard dick. Slamming my mouth so hard I started to gag, but that didn’t slow down the thrusting, it only made it faster. Moaning and low growls coming from him, he suddenly stopped fucking my face. Within seconds, he lifted me up and threw me down on to the bed. He climbed on top with myself lying on the back, straddle me with both of he’s massive legs, he starts to bend over on top with he’s chest to mine. Arms holding me in place and legs tighten around my mid-section, and slowly he starts grinding he’s meat on mine rubbing it back and forth in a humping motion. I loved the way this man kissed, with big wet lips, and tongue as he kept humping me faster and faster. Really building up lots of sweat, literally dripping, and so much the bed starts to get a bit slippery. Getting closer to the climax, he really lays the pounding into me, and a huge eruption of muscle milk shoots up in between. While at the same time he keeps humping, the milk making it really slick. He finally throbs he’s last ounce of milk, he slows the grinding down, moves the left side of my body, holds me in he’s arms. Reaches down to my rock hard dick and uses he’s milk as lube to jack me off. I could feel the movements of he’s chest as he holds me close, he’s tongue licking me like a dog finishing he’s bone. I’m completely covered with he’s milk, we lay there for a few minutes and my head is going a million miles an hour. But he wasn’t finished quite yet, we decided to go shower off and that was the best shower I’ve ever had. Before leaving the room I grabbed my body wash, shampoo and towels. Nothing but our towels on we walked down the hallway, the guys that were lounging around started to stare like it was a parade of some sort. I was glowing with excitement walking with this man and not once did he meet their eyes, he just kept walking like it was nothing. We finally arrived at the showers, we were the only two there at the moment. We would hang up our towels on the wall, he’d go over and get the water ready. As I watched, I was thinking (Damn he was one fine piece of meat, after he got the water right, he turned he’s back to the shower and looked straight at me. Gestured me over, and the fun began again, expect this time instead of just worshiping he’s muscles, he made me wash him. Of course I didn’t have a problem with that. After soaping him up, he grabbed the wash cloth and started to cover me completely with suds. What a shower!! After he had me all ready, we started making out, all slippery from stop, which made he’s muscles look bigger. He’s hugs were so strong it felt like I was the wash cloth as he squeezed me dry. The shower took about an hour, but it seemed like it only lasted a few minutes. Before we finished rinsing off, he grabbed my hand and told me to stroke. I thought he was completely out of milk, within a few minutes he shot across about 3 feet of the shower stall. It’s been about a year since I met the man, before we departed from the bath house, he gave me he’s email. Told me the next time I come through to give him a heads up, and that we wouldn’t need the bath house. He’d meet me at the truck stop and we’d just get business done there. BIGJIM and I have done several cam sessions since then and by a stroke of luck I’ll be there next week to enjoy the muscleman again!