Friday, April 8, 2016

BIGJIM's SAM (Studio Alpha Males) Slide Show!

The following 8 minute slide show contains all the stunning illustrations of me created by Studio Alpha Males (SAM). These awesome pics take on a whole new aura accompanied by the extremely powerful soundtrack from the EPIC Music collection. Turn the sound up kick back and enjoy!


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Quintesential Muscleworhip Video! Rip Stone Worshiped

I've posted quite a few muscleworship video links but this one has to be the definitive worship video of all time. Watch as this young guy worships and services muscle porn star Rip Stone. The look of awe in this kids eye as he takes in Rip's beautiful perfect body says it all. Rip shows us what an alpha like himself demands from the boys and he gets it and more! Watch the kid lick and caress Rip's jacked body. Rip goes into muscle ecstasy when he stretches out on the floor as the kid literally feasts on his pumped god like body----ENJOY!

Monday, February 15, 2016

BigJim's SAM (Studio Alpha Males) Gallery

The following picture illustrations of myself were created for me exclusively by SAM (Studio Alpha Males)These dramatic single, double, triple and multiple exposures have been widely praised on my all of my online profiles including BigMuscle, Bigmusclebears, Bear411, Bearforest, Daddydater, Silverdaddies. Adam4Adam, Bearfront, Nippleplay and most recently quite a few Tumblr blogs. Hope you all enjoy them!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Monday, December 14, 2015

Big Joe's Tribute

Recently I received an email from a huge fan in Tampa, Florida----here is the text from his tribute

I was surfing the Internet and somehow on bear411 found this member name Jim Muscle.  I read the profile of this handsome man with an incredible built and certain authoritarian demeanor.  After that, I saw his pics and watched a video of a phone call to him from an admirer. My life would never be the same after that. 
This massive masculine, commanding man makes a master look like a debutant on prom night.

His presence is intimidating and at the same time inviting.  His powerful voice of authority makes your knees weak and your stomach tied up in knots, by the same token you can't stop watching him in action and hang on his every word.  He is intoxicating and automatically you get this feeling of willingly being submissive to this great man! 
His body is male physique perfection and the look of his handsome face inspires respect and confidence that you are safe under his command.  Massive biceps bulging like guns on a battleship. His huge muscular arms when wrapped around you and massive muscle slabs for pecs with nipples like rawhide hard and erect make you feel like sucking them to taste manly muscle juice.  You're safe from the world and he owns you.  Be prepare for his sexual satisfaction, it will make you feel like a virgin being penetrated for the first time.  He will be gentle at first but no matter how gentle, when his big member penetrates you, you feel life come and go in front of your eyes yet you won't fight it because you will want to please him so much.  That's the impact he had on me.  I was sore for days after yet when I thought of his name I would get aroused and wish that he was topping me once more, again and again and again....

All he has to do is look at you and automatically without question, you submit to the master.  Sexually he is a God. When he owns you, which is not difficult once he lays eyes on you, you will give in completely to this man's wishes and desires and feel special for being worthy of Big Jim's sexual satisfaction. He is Big Jim, Muscle in Heat, you just do what he says and not even budge. The thought that one man can overpower me so easily would have never even enter my mind but it's true, as true as he is.  Self confident and overwhelmingly attractive and a true alpha male!  Only one for me and that's Big Jim, muscle in heat. A sexual revelation of what a Real Man is!  He literally picks you up and throws you over his shoulder to take you to his play ground, the bed in his man cave.  A handsome loving protector sexual beast of a man.  A man's man.  Hmmmmm  yes to Big Jim, always!
Jojo from Fl.

Friday, December 11, 2015

More Definitive Muscle Worship Videos!!

Not sure who this bodybuilder is but his posing routine is stunning and the precum cum shot a fuckin knockout!!!! Total muscle adonis knows he's incredible and shows it off to the hilt!!!!! Too bad the video quality isn't better.

 Bodybuilder Jaime worshiped

Three  beautiful muscleworship videos featuring the flawless Jaime being worshiped for his muscle--great cum shots too!!

Musclegod Brendan worshipped again this hot video

Watch as Troy Hillman worships the taut beautiful body of Mark Mason! In two parts this display of muscleworship is incredible to watch. Mark directs the blond boy to lick his tight body all over and it is finalized with a great cum shot as he unleashes his load on the boy who then continues to service his body and wash him down in the shower----a real stunning visual!!

Sascha Zalma worshiped!!!
Another stunner as a guy worships this musclegod to a huge climax

Mario and Joey D
Fuckin beautiful body worship displayed here as Joey totally services the incredible body of Muscle Mario

There is nothing hotter than to watch a beautifully built musclegod getting in to himself. He knows you're enthralled with his god like body as he poses with controlled arrogance. The heat turns to fire as he he gets off on himself in the mirror and climaxes with a load that rivals that of 4 men!!
Enjoy this Romanian musclgod in all his muscle glory!

This big guy known from past videos as Thomas Ride uses the shit out of this little fag. The kid is totally overwhelmed but this guy's huge pecs and nips and then is fucked into next week by this true alpha male!!!

This video filmed somewhere in Europe features an unknown super hot 25 yr old. He is serviced by 2 guys--but takes a totally apathetic attitude towards them both--could have been hotter if he asserted his dominance but you can't take away from the beauty this fucker possesses!!