Sunday, January 25, 2015

Muscleworship Defined

I get asked a lot from all my online profiles the age old sex question--"What are you into?"
My number one sex pleasure is muscle worship. Quite a few ask what exactly I that. The words define themselves. Here is Wikipedia's definition-----

For those of you who need visual aids I've attached some very intense muscle worship videos to better explain the experience. Although I am not in any of these videos they are what I consider extremely hot tutorials  and display the complete eroticism of sexual male to male muscle worship. Enjoy!!

Probably one of the most definitive muscleworship videos ever made. Muscleman/Porn Star Marco Rossi gets worshipped by a young TJ Cummings who in later years turned to straight porn.
The video is all about Marco and his obsession with his muscle body being serviced by this worshipper. The pec and nipple nursing scenes are phenomenal and even at the very end Marco stands in triumph over TJ and flexes in all his muscled glory as TJ jerks off to the incredible view. ENJOY!!!

His name is Marco and for 51 minutes see his interview and explains why he loves body worship. Then watch as a younger thin guy named Billy totally gets off on Marco's beautiful body as he worships him to climax.

Don Donato Worshipped
Witness this Italian musclegod being worshipped by a fat fuck and making him lick and suck on every square inch of his beautiful body!

Porn Star Rip Stone gets royally worshiped by twink totally in awe of him.

Muscle God Brendan thrills a twink with his muscled body

From the website REALMUSCLE a bodybuilder gets worshipped by a twink

Muscle Stud gets worshipped by a twink then fucks him

Joe Gauge worshipped by twink Jeramey

Tom Lord worshipped by another beefy guy

Tom Lord worshipped and serviced to the max then fucks his boy with his monster cock!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

One Man's Tribute to BIGJIM

Mark from Pennsylvania expounds on his adoration and attraction to BIGJIM in this glowing tribute written in his own words.

As I begin to write this tribute to You, Big Jim, I find myself facing a daunting task.  I say that because, no matter what I might write about You and what I might put into words, there really are no words to describe Your total magnificence and splendor!  I want to offer You the adoration and worship that is truly due You, but I know that my words cannot adequately express how I really feel. 
I believe that true worship of a Man or God has to come from a heart that is full of desire and a singular desire:  a desire for that particular Man or God.  I believe that true worship cannot come from a “half-hearted” person, from someone who has a divided heart with many Men or Gods involved.  I also believe that true worship comes with a heartfelt desire to continue build up knowledge of the Man or God being worshipped.  Desire is most important…singular, heartfelt desire.  Worship demands a deep desire for that which is worshipped, not a desire to possess, but a desire to give all to the one desired.  It demands a “pure heart” of the one worshipping.  It is not a desire that cannot be shared:  it is for one man, one God only.  For a man with this kind of deep desiring, worship is the most natural thing in the world.
And so, Big Jim, I come before You to worship and adore You.  I do so because I believe You to be both a magnificent Man and God….the highest of men in the hierarchy of men, and the fleshly embodiment of an all-powerful God.  Know that I have a heart that is full of desire for You:  for Your good; for Your well-being; for Your delight;,for Your pleasure; and for every possible thing You require!  I am not concerned about my pleasure;  it’s not about me.  It’s all about you and your worship.  And so, I bow low before you and proclaim:

You are the most handsome Man I’ve ever been blessed to gaze upon!

I magnify You and adore You!

I believe Your physical body is perfect!  From head to toe You are perfection!

I honor You as the God You are!

You are majestic and glorious!  You are royalty!  You are divine!

I am far, far beneath You because You are so very high!

I kneel before You in trembling and fear because I know how powerful You are!

You are a man who is full of goodness, because of Your willingness to share Your beauty!

You are holy!  Holy, holy, holy Lord!

Your deeds are wonderful.

You are strong!  You are great!  You are Almighty!  You are most high!

You deserve to be pampered constantly!

You are powerful…the highest power!

Your muscles are worthy of every kiss placed upon them!

Your nipples deserve non-stop attention. 

You are the most sexual of all men! 

I kiss and lick your cock and balls, in awe of their splendid beauty!

I seek to be covered with Your cum.

Every part of your body, from your head to your toes, is perfectly formed!

I am obliged to worship and adore You; I was born for that purpose.

You are so far above  every other man on this earth!

You have a singular beauty, incomparable to any other man!

You are greater than all gods.  You are the greatest God, and so worthy of my desires, my praise, my adoration, my worship.

I acclaim You as my Lord and God!

I worship the very ground You walk upon, Sir. 

And so, I offer this tribute to You.  I know in my deepest gut, my deepest self, that I will never encounter another Man like You, Big Jim. I know that Your full magnitude can never be grasped by me.  Just when I think I know You, I will discover something more magnificent and more beautiful about You. Your beauty does not end!   Your name says it all for me:


Beautiful in every way!

Incomprehensible…so much greater than me!

Glorious in every part of Your body!


Justly and rightfully worshipped!

Impressive beyond all expectation!

Magnificent Master of all other men!


I bow low in total adoration, submission and worship of You and Your beauty, Big Jim. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

BigJim Autumn Muscle 2014!

Recently I was a featured again as a Muscle Dad on the website SilverDaddies. Here are a few of the comments I received from fans worldwide including fans of this blog.

Mark from Pennsylvania writes:
You are stunning! Magnificent. I am in awe of your beauty.
Wishing you the best.
With respect,

David from Toronto comments:
Hello-- I realize you can pick and chose whatever you want, just wanted to say that you are MAGNIFICENT--I would try my best to make you feel wonderful! Will send an e-mail

Lan from Texas:
Hi Big Jim My name is Lan and I originally saw your profile come up by chance on Silver Daddies a few months back.  I favorited it because I knew I would be coming to the city in August and wanted to remember to send you note when I got here.  I love older daddies in general, but really am attracted to what I've seen in your blog and profile.  Not only are you extremely hot, but I can almost feel the confidence and masculinity exuding from the screen when I look at you.  Any man should be falling all over themselves to worship you.  I'm very oral and would love to lick and kiss your biceps, bury my head in your pits breathing in your manly scent and licking them.  Moving my mouth down your pecs to your nipples.  Sucking, licking, nibbling and giving them all the attention the deserve.  Feeling your body with my hands while I continue to kiss and lick my way down your body until I'm finally on my knees.  Kneeling before the god I'm worshipping.  Looking up into your eyes as I take your beautiful cock into my mouth and start to suck you.  Anything I do is all about you and what you want.About me, I'm 6"1 GWM, 42 235.  Brown close cut hair with goatee starting to show some silver.  I'm definitely more on the stocky bear side at the moment.  I've attached a couple of pictures and also the direct link to my SD profile if you are interested in reading.  I got into NYC last night and am here until early Monday (partner has a conference that goes through tomorrow afternoon).  We are open and honest so no worries there.I love older daddies in general, but really am attracted to what I've seen in your blog and profile.  Not only are you extremely hot, but I can almost feel the confidence and masculinity exuding from the screen when I look at you.  Any man should be falling all over themselves to worship you.  I'm very oral and would love to lick and kiss your biceps, bury my head in your pits breathing in your manly scent and licking them.  Moving my mouth down your pecs to your nipples.  Sucking, licking, nibbling and giving them all the attention the deserve.  Feeling your body with my hands while I continue to kiss and lick my way down your body until I'm finally on my knees.  Kneeling before the god I'm worshipping.  Looking up into your eyes as I take your beautiful cock into my mouth and start to suck you.  Anything I do is all about you and what you want.

Willie from Bolivia writes:beautiful pics my friend... thank you in deed.
But the real art it is you... what a man you are.... mmmm so sexy.
Don Blog fan writes:
OMG - I am in muscle man heaven...the blog is very sexy, those worship stories are very hot...then you slide show...gave me mighty fine performance of you...such a big hot sexy sensual...manly are so strong and your power is felt by your very presence...and you are right the music is perfect. Man I was so overwhelm that I felt weak...I was so aroused...your photos are creative and well done and only add to the appeal...are you professional model? Everything is done so well. Big man you made me very happy this morning. Going back to view again! Boing! Have a great day and hope to catch up with you soon.
Les from NYC comments:SIR!!
 Your photos are amazing!! I am hard as a rock and love them. I am going to print them out and put them in my album of you. Eventually, I intend to buy a leather Album to hold my collection of your incredibly hot and manly photos. I thank you for these and know that my fantasies of you will only enhance my constant masturbation looking at you. I am, your humble worshipper, Sir!

Mark from Pennsylvania responds to some pics I emailed him:
Good evening, Sir!
That's how I am, seeing Your photos, Sir!  I am in awe!

You are so magnificent, Jim!  I have always believed that there are some men more into this world who are at the highest place in the hierarchy of who were born to be worshipped!  Men who are entitled to be worshipped.  You are surely one of those men.  And then there are men like myself, born to worship and adore a man like You.
Each and every one of these photos are really magnificent.  Your body is perfect!  You reek entitlement to me, and I'd give anything to be one of those boys serving and worshiping You.
I loved the photo of the young boy on his knees, your cock in his mouth.  Just look at how he gazes upward at Your beauty.  But the picture that really got me excited is the one of the guy over your knees...his ass in a perfect position for you to spank him!  I don't know if you are into this kind of discipline but I tell you, Sir, I'd give anything to be spanked by you!   I'm aching for that kind of discipline and, to receive it from a man like you...well, it would be heaven on earth for me, Sir.
You must have a huge, long line of admirers and people who respect you.  Add me to that line, Sir. 
I really want to stay in touch with you. 

With respect and adoration,


Sunday, May 25, 2014


Recently I was honored  to have been a chosen model on the DESAXXX1 website.

My pic was used in a few other versions but the pic of me lactating from my swollen nipples was the best!!! Just click the link and watch me lactate from my huge nips!!

BIGJIM 2014 MUSCLE Jan thru May

Celebrating 66 years of muscle building!!!!!!

Been awhile since I've posted new pics here so I thought I would take the best of the first part on 2014 and share some hot muscle pics with my fans and followers.

Enjoy the pics and look for some new videos I plan on posting soon!!!!!

Love and Muscle !


Sunday, October 27, 2013



Friday, March 15, 2013


Here's a few reactions from a huge Canadian (Rick) fan I met on Bear Forest not that long ago. I did a few cams with him on Skype and here's his review---

Ricks first cam with BIGJIM---
Jim - I am still tingling from this morning. I am so glad I pleased you with my muscleworship. From the first time I saw your picture and video, I felt so inadequate to serve someone as magnificent and awesome, as YOU. I feel honoured that you were so pleased. I will try to get on the cam as often as I can. Can you give me the blog address again, please, Sir - I thought I had it, but can't find it. One other thing, Sir..... when we do get to be together in person.....I am so looking forward to kissing and massaging every inch of your beautiful, powerful and masculine body.....I want you to see and feel, my submissiveness and awe of YOU, fully and completely. I've never done this before, but have fantasized about it, then when I first saw you, I was hoping that you would consider me worthy.....I want to honour and respect you, beyond your dreams... Sir, I need to get back to work, but had to write to you...
Your reply leaves me breathless......I would be honoured for you to be my herculean musclegod.....but, you are MORE than hercules, Sir. YOU are the whole package. I am glad my submissiveness and awe came through on skype. I wasn't sure how I looked on your side. I want you to know you made a big difference for me today. You made a really ugly weather day, into glorious muscle built sunshine. I wish I could get down there right now and be on my knees before you...... I will do the review either this evening or when I get back from my appointment tomorrow. I want it to be a source of pride for you. Jim - I want to please YOU, and in doing so today, YOU have more than pleased me. I want to show that in the review. I thought I could do the cam tomorrow, but I have an appointment just after my work's morning teleconference. I WILL be on Friday morning, if that's OK with you. Again, thank you for the most wonderful morning a guy could EVER imagine could happen. You made me feel more submissive and paying total awe and adoration, I could have hoped to experience, and to such a beautiful and perfect male who is the complete meaning of masculinity.........

Rick's 2nd Cam with BIGJIM----

 [9:44:39 AM] MUSCLEWORSHIPPER-Rick: Today, I was treated again, to view and experience BIG JIM's massive, perfect and bulging muscles.  This adonis would definitely make "pro" body builders feel insignificant in his presence....  BIG JIM's smile warmed me up and then flexing and watching me melt before him, all I could say was "fuckin' hot, fuckin' perfection...."  Next thing I know, he's oiling his muscles and the glistening surfaces exploded on my full screen to my surprise of this special event.  BIG JIM could readily see that his l'ilguy was fully in his contol, totally submissive and awaiting his desires......then, all of a sudden, a look of sheer ecstasy came over this MASSIVE MALE, his hands off his oiled cock.....then an explosion of muscle milk, and it kept exploding and BIG JIM kept groaning and
This l'ilguy was exploding inside with him and both MAN and li'guy were exhausted.  But, BIG JIM, true to his awesomeness, kept strokin
[9:48:06 AM] MUSCLEWORSHIPPER-Rick: BIG JIM - that was so FANTASTIC !!!!  Thank you for making my day, again.   I can NOT wait to be able to worship your musclepower, in person.   Take care, my protector, and keep working out every day.   Know that there is a l'ilguy that appreciates your workouts and wants to reward you.......please, honour and adore YOU