Sunday, January 25, 2015

Muscleworship Defined

I get asked a lot from all my online profiles the age old sex question--"What are you into?"
My number one sex pleasure is muscle worship. Quite a few ask what exactly I that. The words define themselves. Here is Wikipedia's definition-----

For those of you who need visual aids I've attached some very intense muscle worship videos to better explain the experience. Although I am not in any of these videos they are what I consider extremely hot tutorials  and display the complete eroticism of sexual male to male muscle worship. Enjoy!!

This muscleworship video defines what an alpha male is all about.  This German musclegod known as Stefan Moon or  kirschgeschmack gets serviced and washed down in the shower. Fuckin total muscleworship doesn't get hotter than this and it's not even hardcore!!

Probably one of the most definitive muscleworship videos ever made. Muscleman/Porn Star Marco Rossi gets worshipped by a young TJ Cummings who in later years turned to straight porn.
The video is all about Marco and his obsession with his muscle body being serviced by this worshipper. The pec and nipple nursing scenes are phenomenal and even at the very end Marco stands in triumph over TJ and flexes in all his muscled glory as TJ jerks off to the incredible view. ENJOY!!!

His name is Marco and for 51 minutes see his interview and explains why he loves body worship. Then watch as a younger thin guy named Billy totally gets off on Marco's beautiful body as he worships him to climax.

Don Donato Worshipped
Witness this Italian musclegod being worshipped by a fat fuck and making him lick and suck on every square inch of his beautiful body!

Triple Muscleworship from Jimmy Z Productions
Watch as these three demigods tease this audience of muscle hungry guys with their bodies of muscle. Their muscletude, arrogance and confidence thrill these guys who fight for a chance just to touch their beautiful bodies! The second link is a solo show from porn muscle star Rick Hammersmith---enjoy!!

Muscle God Brendan thrills a twink with his muscled body

From the website REALMUSCLE a bodybuilder gets worshipped by a twink

Muscle Stud gets worshipped by a twink then fucks him

Joe Gauge worshipped by twink Jeramey

Tom Lord worshipped by another beefy guy

Tom Lord worshipped and serviced to the max then fucks his boy with his monster cock!