Sunday, November 29, 2009

BigJim's Boy fan from Seattle Writes of his Fantasy

David, a boy from Seattle writes BIGJIM his fantasy of him---here's what he wrote --

My first time meeting Jim was a night I will never forget!! We had planned to meet for quite awhile...but it never seemed to work out for us for one reason or another. Frustrating but in some ways amazing because the anticipation of finally meeting this Mega God of a man was all consuming! I waited for his call at my place...checking the clock constantly with a worry in the back of my mind that he wouldn't call. Right on target though the phone rang and the most incredible deep masculine voice greeted me. "Hows my boy" he said. Just hearing that made me start to swell. "I'm running about 20 minutes behind...but will be there soon boy"...He told me he was finishing up at the gym and was combining arms and chest that day " feeling incredibly strong and getting a massive pump" I could barely speak..but told him I was waiting and so excited to meet!

The next 1/2 hour I could hardly concentrate...I paced a bit..and tried watching TV to settle my nerves. Nervous excitement and adrenaline. When I heard the knock on the door I practically jumped out of my I opened the door to find the doorway filled with the most amazing specimen of man I'd ever seen. Broad shoulders ..huge arms and those massive pecs of his were all I could see. I could barely speak but he took charge immediately. Good to finally see my boy he said and he walked inside closing the door behind him. In the light inside I could finally see all of this amazing Daddy. Handsome and Jeans and Tshirt. I'm 5'8 and he seemed to tower above me!

"Such a good workout I had tonight boy my pecs and guns feel like they are going to pop out of my skin"!! They look like they could Jim I said...nervous about what to say. They look amazing. "You like boy" he asked...and then flexed one of his Huge practically jumped out of the sleeve. He looked over at me...and I could tell he could see in my eyes how much I wanted him. "Need to take off my shirt boy..its a little warm in here" with that he peeled it off and over his head...looking me in the eye the whole time. Dropping it on the floor by his feet...he looked down at his pecs and flexed them..squeezing them hard. Grrrr...makes me feel good to get these melons pumped up boy" I realize I have hardly said a word and are amazing Jim!! He smiles at me slowly....and then bounces them...knowing from our talks that that drives this boy crazy!
I stand there in awe...taking in the incredible muscle show that seems so effortless for Jim. I've never seen pecs so huge and full..with the most amazing fat nips like crowns on the peaks of mountains. "come here boy...daddy needs you" I hear...and I walk over like on clouds. As I reach Jim he pulls me into him in a big bearhug and my feet come off the ground....lifting me up to meet him face to face and melting into a deep powerful kiss. Slow deep..tongues probing... then lowering me slowly and easily until I'm standing and looking up at him. Realizing I am tucked by his side...His massive muscle melons at face level for me and a huge bicep around the back of my shoulders holding me tight against him. " You like the pecs boy" He asks me. I love them!! I say...and mean it ...they are a work of art and iron!! Need my boy to nurse them...daddies had a long day and my pecs are full" With that I kiss and tongue the huge pec....finding my way quickly to the nipple and take it eagerly in my mouth. my other hand cupped under the other pec and feeling the weight of it in my hand. Amazed at how heavy it full and muscular. "Thats right need your Dad's muscle milk" Jim says...his deep voice turning me on so much! My cock growing thick and hard...I hear Jim's zipper come down and his jeans slipping to the floor...and his huge cock ...swelling out of them and against me. My hand slides down the torso and comes to rest on the most amazing and beautiful Cock I've ever seen. Groaning and sucking hard on Dad's fat nip...and feeling him swell even larger. "Yeah know what Dad Needs" Jim says to me. I am in heaven!!!
I worry for a second that I'm sucking to hard until I feel myself being pressed even harder into the monster daddy pecs "thats right boy" he says encouraging me relieved that Jim seems to love it as much as I do!! I've never tasted nips so beautiful and thick...or pecs so huge and massive...heavy with muscle and pure power! As if I doubted that power suddenly I feel Jim lifting me off the ground while I still nurse away hungrily! Walking with me Jim says "where's the bed boy?" All I can do is point ...I don't want to stop sucking to speak. Jim walks me to the bed and lays me down standing tall and amazing broad over me I look up at the most amazing Mega Muscle god ever! Huge boulder pecs like slabs of granite casting a shadow over me. Nips protuding from rock hard muscle melons! "You like your dad's muscle?" he says
I worship you dad I say! Good answer boy I hear in the most masculine deep voice imaginable! Pecs begin to bounce again and he flexes up one of amazing biceps as I gasp in awe and excitement! Climbing in next to me I feel small next to Jims massive size and quickly I feel myself being wrapped up tight. A deep kiss and then I feel my head being moved to the pec I havent tasted yet. "Milk your muscle dad" Jim says to me and I am eager to oblige! I feel like its my duty with him. Tasting his milk getting me SO excited!! Let me know when ur close he says....I want us to come together. both of us stroking ...although I could cum without touching myself. I'm ready Dad I say and with that I feel Jim stroke harder...hold it baby boy he says...I'll let you know when you can cum. And cum on my chest! Within minutes I am straddling jim and looking down at the most amazing man!! Muscles jumping out of the skin as he strokes....his huge cock slapping against my lower back! NOW boy he says and without touching myself I shoot a huge load on Jim's amazing chest....feeling warm cum hitting my back at the same time...almost to my shoulder blades! Fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhh! we both growl!!! Both squeezing the cum out at the same time...spasms coming together until I fall forward onto this amazing man exhausted! feeling my cum on my chest as I lay on Jim...pec to pec! Clean me up boy I hear...and I gladly lick my cum off his chest! Good Boy....gonna make you Daddies Best Boy he says!! I'm exhilirated as I lick and clean Jim's incredible chest. Licking the chest and taking time to make sure all is clean. Thats my boy Jim says and I lay my head on his heaving chest. Slowly both of us settling into the same breathing pattern together...I lay on him like his boy blanket and feel his huge arms wrapping me up! Daddy needs to sleep for a bit boy....and then ur gonna get all of me. I'm going to fuck you in the morning...but for now I'm going to show you how good it feels to fall asleep with your Dad. I settle into size fitting perfectly against his bigger size. Never have I felt so wonderfully protected as when I was in his arms...Slowly falling to sleep and thinking how excited I am for him to wake me in the morning!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

BigJim cums & cums & cums & cums!!!

More cum than you could possibly swallow!! BigJim cums for the masses and delivers the most protein rich musclebatter you've ever tasted!!!
BigJim's GOT MILK!!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Muscles of Love-A Thanksgiving Feast!

You've all heard about the 1st Thanksgiving at Plymouth Rock - or have you?!
The history books are wrong! There was another Thanksgiving prior to that one that historians refuse to acknowledge.

The first Pilgrims actually landed a few miles away at MuscleRock! So named for it's sheer size, shape, and physical development of the native Indians residing there.

The 1st Pilgrims were all men -- hard, solid, strong -- no women aboard as they didn't know where they'd land or what they'd encounter. They were religious men who never gave in to temptations of the flesh -- not on the voyage, not with themselves. Geez! These guys must've had the bluest balls on earth!

Upon arriving and setting up camp, they began to explore -- meeting the local natives. Curious to see only men in the tribe -- no women -- just like themselves. The women had a village miles away where they would raise the children. At age 12, the boys were sent to spend the rest of their lives with the men; to learn the ways of hunting, trapping, and manhood!

At first, the Pilgrims were frightened by the savages dressed only in loincloths; exposing more manflesh than they'd ever seen. They were also getting horny too -- upset by their so called 'Unnatural' desires! The Indians were men of great strength and physical prowess, but very accepting of the settlers -- eager to welcome them.

The Pilgrims learned of the land from the stories told by their new acquaintances. The Indians also told of the Great Chief; a man among men! He appeared to the tribe at times to council, and nourish them -- they received all their strength from the Great Chief and offered themselves in return for his protection, leadership, wisdom, nourishment and blessings! They believed he was descended from the gods. He had been around since the beginning.
The Great Chief was massively muscled; strong, defiant, courageous! He wore a loincloth woven of the pubic hairs of the mightiest warriors! A cape made of the longest, thickest braids from the heads of his men! Knee high leather moccasins from the hides of animals. Two large eagle feathers hung by strands of leather from the massive nipples. Bands of leather surrounded the huge wrists. A large head dress of feathers adorned his head and flowed down the back -- a feather for every man he'd conquered and brought into manhood!

As time went on, the Pilgrims yearned to see the Great Chief and find out if what was said was true. One day, they went to the tribal village to find the Great Chief perched high on MuscleRock looking down at the Indians who were on their knees bowing and pleading for him to feed them. He slowly descended the rock to walk amongst them. He was pleased to see how much more developed they'd become -- and was pleased to hear of the new settlers as well.
Seeing the hunger in their eyes, the Great Chief stood before them and removed the cape and loincloth -- in all his naked glory. All gasped -- including the settlers who were in hiding -- at the sight of this mightiest of men standing fully hard, raging wildly, throbbing his massive muscled cock at his worshipping throng!
They came forward quickly to eagerly feast on the flesh of this mangod!
The Pilgrims had never seen such an act before, nor had ever seen a cock that huge, tits so large, pecs so full -- and hungered themselves for a taste. As they began to realize the Great Chief was feeding not only his dick, ass, and tits to the Indians, but also his dick and tit milk as well as ass juices, they were horrified & aroused! This never happened in England! (well, there was that one monarch they weren't too sure of). ;-)
Aware of the onlookers, the Great Chief - who by now you've gathered is Big Jim - called for them to come out of hiding and feed upon him as well. Finally the Indians had to drag them to the center of the circle as they were too reluctant to do it themselves. They stood, then knelt before the Great Chief - afraid for their lives. "FEED" was all he said. Offering his body to the Pilgrims, they finally reached out for their first taste of manflesh.
They were abruptly stopped as they still wore clothes and that could not be. The Indians undressed the Pilgrims in a way that aroused the men. Never being naked before each other, they were shy but excited. As the Great Chief gazed approvingly, they were allowed to go forth and begin their meal. They licked apprehensively at first, but then something overtook them, turning them into insatiable wild starving beasts! They consumed all of the Great Chief and when the milk of life began to flow into their mouths, they felt stronger, more virile and younger than before! They greedily sucked for more and more until they'd had their fill, but still longed for more! Their English dicks were longer, thicker, fuller, and their puny nutsacs became heavy hanging baskets of manhood. Finally, they were forced off the body of the Great Chief as their greed had overcome their need.
Falling back, they were surprised at the sight of the Warriors offering their ass's to this Man! They'd never seen a man fucked by another man before. This was mind blowing! Also amazing was that the warriors liked it!

Later that night, a few of the Pilgrims - with their own evil ideas -- decided that they must have this Great Chief as their own -- feeding on him constantly to acquire the strength to rule over all! They felt that to fuck the Chief themselves would give them power over him and his people. So a plan was devised to lure him away into their trap, securing him in the stocks and while bound and positioned that way, they could fuck and suck the strength from him -- keeping him at their mercy!

The evil settlers approached the Great Chief the next day asking for council and wisdom. They wanted to know better the ways of his people and construct a shrine in honor of him. They led the Chief down a path to show him where it would be -- but actually leading him into their trap.
When they came to a desolate clearing, a trap sprang, entrapping the Great Chief by wrists and ankles. Quickly they rushed him; attempting to tear the loincloth, cape and head dress from him. One clubbed him on the back of the head rendering him unconscious! With that, they quickly dragged him to the stocks -- bending him over so his head and wrists are locked in securely -- the mighty muscled ass in full view! They spread his thick, solid thighs securing his ankles to either side of the posts leaving him exposed and vulnerable!

They shed their own clothing and began an assault on the Chiefs body! Several knelt beneath the front to capture his tits, cock and balls in their mouths, while the others worked his cheeks open to eat his mighty hole; preparing him for their own conquest! As the Great Chief slowly regained consciousness, he became aware of the situation and was enraged! He offered himself to these men as an act of kindness and acceptance, and they dare return the favor with this?! Flexing and struggling, shouting and bellowing, he fought to escape before the first dick entered him. Already he was releasing liquids in front and could not let his strength be taken by force. The assault was endless; the sucking, licking, eating, swallowing, mauling of his sacred frame until a tremendous burst of strength buckled the stocks and he straightened -- ready to fight!
The sounds of his voice echoed through out the woods, causing the Pilgrims and Indians alike to come running. A fierce battle began with the evil settlers being bashed, bruised, and bloody! The evil ones were set up in stocks in the center of the encampment -- and the Great Chief, the Pilgrims and the Indians all took turns fucking the very life out of each villain at each end!
When their assholes and mouths were filled with cum, they were then made to swallow the piss in each hole -- mouth and ass and covering their stock bound bodies! Degraded and humiliated, they were driven to the women's camp where they were forced into heavy labor for the rest of their days, and made as women!

Many moons passed before all settled down between the tribe and the Pilgrims. After many pow-wows between the Great Chief, the Indians and the Pilgrims, peace finally was achieved.
There were no longer dividing caps; all lived together as one tribe! All loved together as one tribe, and all worshipped the Great Chief together as one tribe!

In celebration of this new union, a feast was planned to commemorate this bond. The 1st Thanksgiving! Much food was harvested, hunted and prepared for and by all.

On the day of the celebration, all fed and drank of the food and wine.

Before this meal, another took place.
They all had much to be thankful for and felt a blessing would be in order.

The Great Chief, himself, removed all garments and laid spread eagle on the table, offering himself to the men as a sign of blessing and peace. As there were many more than before, his wrists were bound to the sides of the table so all could have complete access to him. The new tribe gave thanks and devoured the first of many meals from the Chief! His legs spread for access to his hole -- his muscles, cock, balls, nipples and tits became a smorgasbord for the hungry masses.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BigJim Warehouse Rumble!

Big Jim takes his boy to an old abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city. Inside the two go at it - Jim is giving his boy the fuck of his life! The boy bent over an old crate is screaming wihle hsi ass is pratically torn in two.
In comes a punk street gang led by the noise. All are young, lanky, skinny teenagers looking for trouble wherever they cann find it.
When they come upon the sight of a man plowing a boys ass, the first thing they shout 'OH MY GOD! WE GOT US A COUPLE OF FAGGOTS HERE! HEY! OLD MAN! YOU LIKE TO SUCK DICK?!" Distracted by the catcalls, Jim stops and look over - anger filling face! The kids see an opportunity to make off with Big Jim's wallet and car.
The leader approaches Jim "HEY! I'M TALKING TO YA! YOU SOME KIND OF FUCKIN PERVERT?! YO! WE GOT US A COUPLE A FAGGOTS HERE" Oops! That was the wrong thing to say!
They lunge at Jim! Grabbing his shirt, arms, attempting to knock him down. Two take a few swings, but Jim blocks them.
In the onslaught, Jim's shirt is ripped to shreds as they continue to fight - he manages to throw most off him, but grabs one and lifts him up over his head throwing him into a pile of garbage!
After a few minutes the punks are down - beaten - clothes shredded - while Jim stands over them covered in sweat and grime flexing his heaving chest which they suddenly notice with awe! "I SAID - YOU PUNKS WANT A PIECE OF ME?! NOW YOU'RE GONNA HAVE YOUR FILL!!!" No argument on their part. Their demeanor rapidly changes as they crawl on their bellies towards the boot clad feet of the muscle man standing over them! They begin to lick Jim's boots as their hands start feeling up the denim clad legs. Overcome with anger & lust, Jim rips the jeans open, the boys slide em down and off - and look in utter amazement at the fully aroused naked muscle giant above them. The huge udders on the heaving pecs call to them. They lunge towards Jim again, but in hunger! Punk mouths are soon filled with pec meat, tit meat, throbbing dick meat as tongues probe the muscled glutes!
Although Jim enjoys this new attention, he knows these punks need to be taught a lesson for interrupting his fuck time with his boy! "I TOLD YOU PUNKS I LIKE TO FIGHT BEFORE I FUCK! LINE UP OVER THOSE CRATES --NOW!" Quickly they turn around except for one, the so called leader, who Jim has to pull off of his tit forcefully - he is the 1st to get it. No prelube for these 'tough' guys - Jim plows straight in! Getting off on the screams of agony, the cries for mercy, Jim gets harder and harder, fucking with all his might, an angry fuck, a violent fuck and Big Jim is in heaven! After going at each one twice, ripping, tearing, shredding their assholes, he grabs his boy for the final fuck wihle the punks tongue worship his immense muscled frame and ass!
They gather on the floor at his feet hungrily ready to swallow the cum about to flow from the mighty dick - when.........
the cops burst in!!!
The cops, called to the warehouse on a noise complaint from a passing motorist, can't believe the scene in front of them. All are hauled away. The gang is wanted in connection with many thefts and destructuction of property, and Jim on a charge of indecent exposure and trespassing.
In jail, the big guy is interrogated, strip searched and led off to a cell - alone. The cops are amazed at the size of this man and the immense pec meat hanging from his chest. several officers - young, handsome and well built themselves - decide to amuse themselves with their detainee. Big Jim is handcuffed spreadeagle to the bars of the cell - bare naked - as the officers surround him - rubbing their crotches - and re-interrogating their prisoner! Night sticks are rubbed between the massive thighs, under the huge nutsacs, and across the chest of the prisoner
Big Jim struggles against the handcuffs, flexing every muscle in his huge arms, broad shoulders, and heaving pecs!
His nipples begin to come alive as a slow drip starts from each - as the officers begin to feel and fondle the massive pecs! His cock and balls are cuffed like a cickring, bringing the manmeat to life! As a nightstick glides between the crack of the muscled glutes, drops of liquid pearls begin to ooze out the manmeat of Big Jim - sighs, moans, and graons emnate from the throat as Big Jim begins to actually enjoy the assualt on his helpless body! The cops begin to strip out of their clothes - leaving only their kneehigh boots, gunbelts, and caps on. The sight of this has turned Big Jim on immensly as big, thick, throbbing mandick leaks more, and his throbbing tits begin to ooze down his frame.
The officers, wasting no time never seeing any man able to do this before, come forward, feeling, groping, probing, licking, sucking every inch of muscle flesh - they fight for a place on each of the titanice milking tits while two each take a side of the concrete hard cock and the other is kneeling between the massive thigh face up gobbling down the great nutsacs.
Bih Jim sees a two-way mirror across the room and the sight of these naked cops in boots and gunbelts, orally ravaging his flesh - and not knowing who is on the other side of the mirror looking on - has put Big Jim over the edge. Suddenly a voice from the other side of the mirror comes across a speaker sytem:
'NOW - ARE YOU READY TO CONFESS?" Confess to what? Having a good time? The officers are actually edging Big Jim into submission! All night longthey go at him again and again!
Finally, the officers themselves - and the detectives on the other side of the mirror - break down, uncuff Big Jim and beg to be fucked! Big Jim handcuffs them facing the bars, their asses towards him, and using his dick and their own nightsticks, begins the anal probe of a lifetime!!
Yes! Big Jim spent several days in jail, but not a moment behind bars!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

BigJim Muscle & Heat!

Fans Email BigJim!

What does BigJim have that he maintains a local service crew bigger than a fleet of 747's! Is it BigJim's 18" guns? His thick 8" mantool? How about those mega loads he shoots when he cilmaxes a session or that tough, "don't fuck with me look" he has that can bring any man to his knees! It could be those attributes but most likely it's BigJim's celebrated mega pecs and nips.

The man has a huge fan base worldwide from his appearances in Pecple and has coveted a record 3 covers on ButchMen magazine.These muscleworshipping guys are lucky enough to live in the same town or at least be able to travel there to experince his glorious pecs and nips. Scroll down to see what other suckers have to say about Big Jim.

Oh, BIG JIM. You are the MANGOD of MANSEX...your nipples are the milk of the male beast, your muscles are worthy to be worshiped by licking every inch of their wide expanse, and your cock is the quintessential male organ that produces babybatter by the bucketload. i long to nurse your manbreast nipples to suckle your hard, engorged, tumescent prick. I long to feel your cocksnot warmly enter the back of my throat, and i love to give you a kiss with a wad of snot to share with you. it gives me pleasure to lick your arse, your legs, your perineum, your feet, your glutes, your thighs, EVERYTHING about you is worthy to be pleasured, and in giving you pleasure, all men get hot and satisfied. You give and give, and it brings joy to men. Your manly smell, your hair, your taut sking all bring pleasure to those you deign to enter your sanctum. Then as a finality, i long to shoot my cockwad over your chest and rub it into your skin, so that we are bondned together forever... How's that for campy porn...l LOVED writing it about you...and, it's all true!!!...



Wow daddy, I saw each and every pic you sent me, u r beautiful daddy. Maybe if we keep in touch one day I can be with you on those pics, naked, getting fucked by you daddy, I would please you so much, u would be my master I would be your twink daddy. Do you wanna chat sometime? I would love to stay in touch. U made me cum with everysingle pic u r a real man, wow!


what an amazing collection. it was so great of you to send them. love your chest and guns and cock... mmm all of them made me hard. would love to play with you sometime. ever get in nyc? you are fucking hotter than hottest man. would love for you to life me up in those big arms of you sometimes and let me worship all of you.



Hi Big Jim,
Just another fan of your meaty nips! Any plans for posting videos of your hot sessions with nip lovers? If so, let me know cuz' I'd love to watch (I'd love to do more but I don't live in NYC anymore... Any plans to visit So. Florida soon???).
Well, take care and keep up posting all those superhot pics of yours!!!



hey handsome
would suck on those pecs of yours for hours
you are one hot and sexy man



Thanks for the email on Nippleplay. Your one hot fucker Jim. I imagine having you clamp a mans mouth to your hard thick pecs drives men crazy. I cant imagine what it would be like to feel up your powerful body and tongue and nurse on your nips until you force my head down on that bigjim cock that Im sure is as powerful as the rest of your muscled body. A body built to be worshiped and attended to....


Thanks for the pictures, Big Jim.
You are a GOD!


WOW BIG JIM !!! My cock started swellin from the first shot! You are so damn fine. The raw power you possess is a HUGE turn on. If I had to pick my favorites I would have to put myself in the other guys place and say that having you sling me over your strong shoulder and playin with my ass, or towering over me and slammin my ass, or crushing my face into your chest. or sittin on my face while I probe your muscular ass with my tongue, or...well fuck man, I'm gettin ready to shoot a thick rope of cum all over this keyboard in another few seconds. The close ups of the ripped tank showin that beautiful nipple is just too hot!! Thanks so much. You are the rugged, built, agressive, hot, stud of my fantasies. I envy the other guys you allowed to pleasure you and to be manhandled by such a fuckin stud. Gotta go and "finish what you started".......
A huge admirer



Big Jim,Thanks for those pics You sent me. WOW! They have me convinced that You are some Powerful Dude. No question about it, as far as I'm concerned. I mean, Man, look at You carrying those little guys over Your Shoulder like they weigh nothing. And as I compare Your Biceps to theirs, there isn't one of them whose Biceps come any where near the Size of Yours.Jesus, Big Jim, it looks like You dominated all those dudes and had Your way with each one of them. That's Your right as a Big Man . . . little guys have got to tow the line with You and do what You command them to do. . . .or so that's the impression I get from these pics. . . . Of course, some of those little men look like they were enjoying You taking over and all they had to do was worship You . . . .Send me more pics, please. I enjoy them. And tell me about Yourself, ok?

-- Henhu


You are so incredibly massive! Huge muscle Huge cock Huge cum.... so Huge! I want to worship your every step, lick your massive sweaty body and feel your Power!
Your picks made me cum so hard i fucking yelled !!!!! out !!!!!!
yours truly



Hey buddy, Thanks for sending me the link for the blogg.I really appreciated your warmth and friendliness. It was so cool and you are so hot. What a face! It is the chiseled face of a god that should cause every man to adore and admire. It just oozes masculinity and power. What a body! Every inch of that hairy masterpiece is a work of heat and power. I would love to feel your strong arms holding me powerfully while i willing would be guided to adore with tongue and teeth every inch. You have inspired me to start working out again. What pecs! What nips! What a cock! You should be in movies. Any man would want to worship every part of your body, adoring every inch of your pecs, and taking that hot cock of your in their mouth and in their man pussy. How I would love to be breed by you. I would love to feel that man steel pound me over and over again. YOU ARE HOTTEST MAN ALIVE!



Click here to see some some eye popping pics of BigJim's mega pecs and thick juicy nips. Just try to refrain from licking your monitor as you behold these nipples of wonder!!!

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Patrick on 5:25 AM

My name is Patrick. I am french, and live in Paris. I worship big pecs (latin pecs, black pecs, arab pecs, etc. )

If you come and visit Paris, contact me. Thanks

my mail is

Anonymous on 1:38 PM
As someone who has had the EXTREME pleasure of being lucky enough to be able to service Big Jim on a regular basis I can tell all of his fans... YOU HAVE NO IDEA!

I used to be amazed by the pics as well... until I met him in person. The pics do not do him justice AT ALL! He has the meatiest, tastiest, hottest pecs and nipples of any man alive. This is why it is easy to think he is not a man, but rather a god. Not only does his sculpted muscle bod leave you breathless and speachless, his attitude makes elevates his hottness even further. He would love to have you believe he is a total aggressive master, but this is not entirely true. If you prove yourself worthy, and worship him as he deserves, you will see this gruffness melt slightly to reveal a caring, warm (yet still TOTALLY masculine) muscle daddy. I would like to say that this post does him justice, but it does not. His greatness is something that truly must be experienced in order to really feel the awe of it.

tim in Toledo on 1:28 PM
Dear BIGJIM/Sir-
I am getting hard just thinking about writing this messge to the hottest fucking man I have met on the web in a long time..and the others barely compare.
Thank you, Sir, for taking the time to send me the videos of you and your worshipper(s). Thank you for sharing this webpage, with its' hotter than hot pics and comments.
Thank you Sir for making the time for a private phone worship session. I know it was my 1st time. I just need your hot self to train me. I need to know your hot fucking muscled pecs in my face, to worship. I need your strong arms to carry me to your bed. And I need your cock inside me to let me know I am yours, Sir.
I can only hope I will be fortunate to have more time with you in the future.
I want your cock in my ass, your pecs & nipples to chew on & play with, and I want to be on my knees serving you like the sub bottom I am.
Tim in Toledo

Anonymous on 1:43 PM
Worshipping BigJim is an honor. His big hard muscled body towering over me. I'm on my knees servicing his muscle cock. Craving his muscle milk sliding down my throat.

His fag boy

halfpint on 10:34 PM
It would be an honor and a priviledge to serve the manmountain known as "BIGJIM".. to chew on those slabs of muscle you call pecs, to lick and suck on that steel pipe you call a cock, to watch it erupt in rivers of ropey bearjuice you call cum, and then to have the God of muscle fuck me while holding me off the ground in those massive arms would be the ultimate for this littleman who would be the musclemasters fuck toy.... when I saw the pic of "BIGJIM" resting after cumming I came without touching myself... I came five times in one day looking at the pics of the master... I can only dream about what the "REAL" deal would be are the "TOPMAN", you are the "MUSCLEMAN", you are the "MASTER", you are the "KING", you are the "ULTIMATE FANTASY".... thank you, thank you, thank you.... I want to FEED and NURSE the MASS MUSCLE DADDY, "BIGJIM"... I beg you.. summon me...
Your littleone,

boyarne on 12:42 PM
i had seen Big JIm on bear 411 and thought that i would send a quick little message, i honestly did not think that i would hear back from Him, but i did. He then asked for my email as He wanted to send me pics, i couldn't believe it! He sent the pics like promised, i could hardly believe my eyes when i saw all of them, they were incrdeible!
of course i responded to Him how thankful i was for the pics and wondered if He would ever think about leting me come to Him.
He responded again, that he would indeed, i was beside myself, here was this mountain of a man that i was going to get to touch and taste, to be his for an hour or 2!!
Sir asked for my number as he wanted to call me, which He did, i have never been more excited to get a call from a man in my life.
He was direct yet friendly in a short but sweet phone call. i was so appreciative of Him taking the time to call me and now i am looking forward to meeting the Man, i can only hope that i will be asked to come back again and again.

GREG on 7:19 AM
Hey buddy, Thanks for sending me the link for the blogg.I really appreciated your warmth and friendliness. It was so cool and you are so hot. What a face! It is the chiseled face of a god that should cause every man to adore and admire. It just oozes masculinity and power. What a body! Every inch of that hairy masterpiece is a work of heat and power. I would love to feel your strong arms holding me powerfully while i willing would be guided to adore with tongue and teeth every inch. You have inspired me to start working out again. What pecs! What nips! What a cock! You should be in movies. Any man would want to worship every part of your body, adoring every inch of your pecs, and taking that hot cock of your in their mouth and in their man pussy. How I would love to be breed by you. I would love to feel that man steel pound me over and over again. YOU ARE HOTTEST MAN ALIVE!

halfpint on 7:39 AM
I have been given the honor and priviledge of again commenting on the awesomeness of BigJim, Megabrute extrodinaire... the only man deserving of our worship.. our adoration... our servitude.. He is the ultimate "Muscleforce" that every littleone should bow to and lay at his feet and worship... this mass of manhood.. the muscleman whose megaload is equalled only by his megabody.. all that muscle to adore and touch and lick and caress.. When this man flexes you know what muscle really is... when this man becomes aroused you know what a real cock is.. and when this man cums you find out what a real mans load really is... if the Megabrute allows, you may get to swallow a river of bearjuice equal to what 4 other men might produce, only BIGJIM, the MUSCLE MASTER, the MEGABRUTE, the ULTIMATE TOP is capable of this feat.... One hour with this MUSCLEMONSTER and you will never want any other man.... only BIGJIM... only MEGABRUTE.. if you're lucky he may even lift you in those massive arms against that massive chest and you will, YOU WILL thank him for letting you serve him... and if you're really lucky, as one final gesture he will order you to FEED on his nipples as a farewell...

Sam From Louisianna on 1:39 PM
Hey Jim -

Wow, thanks a million for the incredible gallery of just officially made my night. Every
single shot is a jaw-dropper, but I am particularly
partial to your flexing, the two-on-one action, and
especially all the fireman's carry photos. DAMN but
you are a knockout, brother. You're the kind of
"megaman" that all the boys want to worship and more
aggressive tops like me aspire to emulate. You're
beyond awesome, my really are THE
ULTIMATE MAN. Nobody else even compares.

Randy on 1:40 PM
WOW BIG JIM !!! My cock started swellin from the first shot! You are so damn fine. The raw power you possess is a HUGE turn on. If I had to pick my favorites I would have to put myself in the other guys place and say that having you sling me over your strong shoulder and playin with my ass, or towering over me and slammin my ass, or crushing my face into your chest. or sittin on my face while I probe your muscular ass with my tongue, or...well fuck man, I'm gettin ready to shoot a thick rope of cum all over this keyboard in another few seconds. The close ups of the ripped tank showin that beautiful nipple is just too hot!! Thanks so much. You are the rugged, built, agressive, hot, stud of my fantasies. I envy the other guys you allowed to pleasure you and to be manhandled by such a fuckin stud. Gotta go and "finish what you started".......

A huge admirer

Mark on 1:41 PM
Thanks for the email on Nippleplay. Your one hot fucker Jim. I imagine having you clamp a mans mouth to your hard thick pecs drives men crazy. I cant imagine what it would be like to feel up your powerful body and tongue and nurse on your nips until you force my head down on that bigjim cock that Im sure is as powerful as the rest of your muscled body. A body built to be worshiped and attended to....

Thanks again BigJim, Mark

Anonymous on 1:43 PM
first off thanks for sharing these photos with me,,, I got hard and harder with each and every exhibitionist pic of you.
I LOVE the way that you know what you have and how to share it with muscle whores and guys like me who want-need-must service a big slab of muscle man like you.
The lifting and flexing pics with your bois all over you as you just take it in are the best,,, and those huge pecs YUMMM those huge biceps that you love to flex,,,,, HOT DAMN ,,,, and that cock and ball sac well you get the idea,, i enjoyed then all,,,,,,
Thanks again Joe

Conway on 7:03 AM
Hey Big Jim ~ Hi, my name is Conway, and I just saw your post on, and what a GREAT-lookn' MAN you are! And WHAT A MAN!!! All I can say is WOW!! You have such a POWERFUL, MANLY physique, which I would LOVE to worship and climb like a great OAK TREE!! I woke up this morning with VERY SEXY thoughts of you and I in bed together, totally nude, with me resting my head gently on your massive granite pec. Your large, strong hand was gently caressing my head and beard, making me feel so safe and warm. I can only imagine the sheer manly THRILL of seeing you totally nude flexing your HUGE MANLY BICEPS, and me feeling their granite-hardness!

Conway Writes Again! on 1:06 PM
Hey Big Jim ~ HOLY SHIT MAN!! Those AMAZING pix of you have completely drained my nutsack!! I mean my balls are totally empty of muscle fuck-juice, man! My God, Jim, your physique makes me weak in the knees! You have so much masculinity/manliness going on it's just incredible! You've seen my little flexed biceps muscle-ball. Well, as proud of it as I am, it's miniature by comparison with your great manly guns!! I can only imagine how great it feels to squeeze those granite boulders of yours, both of us nude, with our hard cocks proudly stickn' out and up, and our nips hard and erect, just beggn' for strong manly attention.

Anonymous on 1:11 PM
I checked your profile and followed the link you suggested to and viewed your pictures and profile there.

What can I say that you haven't probably heard hundreds of times before? You have a fantastic, breath-taking body and I would be humbled before you to worship it. Of course your pictures have stirred great lust and hunger within me. I would hope that you are str8/married as most such guys aren't into reciprocal sex and I am not either. I am completely unselfish and would focus my attention 100% on satisfying you because in your pleasure I would find mine.

I don't want to make this note too long because I don't know how interested you are or how feasible it may be to actually behold you in the flesh and worship your body. I love cock and it's my nature to want to worship a man's crotch. Your cock is superb, your hairy crotch utterly fantastic. How I would love to bury my face in your bush and orally worship your balls and pubes and cock. I don't know what turns you on or off but I also would love to suck on your fabulous pecs and nipples and suckle on them like an infant at its mother's breast. I would love to feel and caress your muscled biceps and just generally worship all of you.

I'm not shy. I could go on and on how I would love to make you the object of my idolatry and without inhibition feed from you and beg you to pump your seed down my throat. To have your essence inside of me would be tantamount to rapture!

I do know how to worship such a worthy masculine man as you if I may be so humble to kneel before you in your shadow and give you the devotion and respect you deserve.

Would you give me such an opportunity to orally service you in any and all ways that you might request? To taste your flesh upon my tongue and feel your hard cock down my throat is something too incredible to imagine! But most I desire to witness your orgasm--to receive the creamy man-milk of your climax, and to feel your manpower erupt as you thrust your pubes into my face, gyrate your hips, and drive your cock deeper and deeper down my throat. I want to serve and service you, Big Jim, and receive the bounty of your Being and be a slave to my lust and a slave to all your needs.

Do I say too much? I think I could fill volumes describing how your pictures stir such great desire and hunger in me! I could write reams of what passion your images create in me! If your personality is anything like your Adonis body, then surely you are an impressive man and a treasure I fear I am unworthy to even contemplate receiving nourishment from you - but hope springs eternal. I await to hear back from you, ready to be your servant and cock-slave if you will come visit me.

Eagerly & hopefully your suck buddy

Comment by Corey on 11:33 AM
I've read these comments of great and worthy praise, these accolades and tributes and I'm in full agreement of them all--and yet, I hesitate to write because I have not yet been privileged to meet BigJim, my Lord and Master, though I have spoken to him and have carried on an email correspondence.

So any remarks I make here will pale to those I've read and certainly fall miserably short of the reality of MEGAGOD, BigJim. Still, I can no longer remain silent as my cup runneth over with desire, lust, and willingness to worship BigJim as not a god but as MY GOD and only GOD, the single subject of my total idolatry.

Perhaps my remarks may carry meaningful weight simply because I have not yet met him. How does one meet God except by dying and going to Heaven? Surely when I meet him I will, like all others, have glimpsed Heaven.

One thing I have going that those who have met him no longer have: the sweetness of anticipation; the first touch, the first taste. And so it is I have a hunger yet unsatisfied but I know my appetite, though never quenched, will be momentarily satiated when I am allowed to suckle my Master's nipples and suck his abundant feeding tube.

Until such time, I remain in waiting, in servitude to my God, Lord Jim, whom I worship with every fiber of my being. I know when I am worthy BigJim will grace my miserable presence and in his shadow I will graced by his magnificence. Then I will have my moment of "splendour in the grass" and shall remain ever-vigilant for the next hour in which my dedicated worship of my God may flower.

Corey on 6:45 AM
Today I begin a 7-Day Devotional to my God, BigJim, in hopes of gaining graces enough that he may allow me to experience him in the flesh to worship and serve.

You are the God of my idolatry.
The god to whom I supplicate and pray.
You are the Lord of my devotion, the Master of my existence.
You are the Divinity to whom I pledge my loyalty.
You are Beauty and Strength, Truth and Kindness.
Your mega-manly body, animal magnetism, and mega-masculine assertive attitude thrill me and raise my spirit to a level of joy!
I entreat you, my Lord, to hear my prayers, that I may beome worthy to bow before you in servitude.
I implore you to allow me to serve and service you, my God and ruler of my existence.
I am but a miserable, hungry postulant.
Grant me your presence.
Allow me to feed from you magnificent pecs and nurse me, O mighty lord of wondrous flesh!
Hear my petition--that it my please you and bring forth that gorgeous smile that often beams through your distinguished gray beard.
O that I and my prayers might be the impetus for that smile!
My Lord, BigJim, hear my prayer!

donnie boy on 11:44 AM
loved your photographs more than words could possibly say...
I sent you a lengthy and gushing response on daddyhunt as soon as I got them...
I'm "thebookofloveboy" on there...

you are sincerely one of the most beautiful and intense Men I have ever had the pleasure of laying my boy
eyes upon In "internet land"....your photographs, presence, body, aura, energy....are truly what makes a boy like me dream of finding his Dad...and the fact that you have the sweetest, most endearing eyes makes you all the more so fucking beautiful to me...

Thank you Sir...
again..there are truly not enough words to tell you how fucking amazing I think you are...


Joe on 11:48 AM
What a slab of muscle man,, and the captions with the fotos display an incredible attitude of a true man who knows what he has and what he Wants,,,,
I find that as sexy and as FUCKING hot as that huge muscled body and cock of yours,,, there is not one pic that guys were doing to you,, I would do it ten times better and with 100 times more enthusiasim than you have ever recieved,,,,
I am total slut for huge slab of msucle man and know how to take care of man like you,,,,,
and that Load,, made me rock hard just imainging it all over me after i serviced you for hours to earn it,,,,
thanks for the photos many j/o scenes coming with you in mind,,,

Ian on 2:49 PM
I'm sure everything that can be said about BigJim has already been probably even better than I can say it...But I do want to add a few comments which, I'm sure, echo the experiences that many others have had. I first met BigJim online and he sent me many of the incredible pictures of that astounding body of his. Little did I ever imagine that I would have the opportunity to be in the city where he lives and meet him. I had worshipped him from afar; now I got to worship/idolize/adore him in person. As warm and as sincere and as friendly a man as he is when you chat with him, that doesn't compare to the BigJim you get to meet in person. He walked into the room at the motel I had rented....and I was immediately lost in his massive arms. And then we kissed. What is it like to be kissed by a god? I hadn't known the experience before meeting BigJim...I know I will never experience it again with someone else.

He gave me the opportunity to wash his body in the shower and then to massage him. There are few words available in the English language to describe the sense of joy and privilege and honor that comes from touching those mega-pecs, arms, and legs. And worshipping him. And adoring him. True pleasure came to me when I realized that I was pleasing him....and that he was happy with what I was able to do for him. The two hours we spent together were two hours that I will never forget....they will only be surpassed when I have the honor and opportunity to serve, please, worship, and pleasure BigJim once again.

Corey on 4:52 PM
Devotional #2 Sunday

In solitude I meditate forming prayers to you, my Lord BigJim, tracing in my mind's eye the elliptical areolae that surrounds your nipples, planted on firm mountains of pectoral muscles.

My lust rages for your taste but I must remind myself... soon, soon, soon you promised I shall nurse from your MEGATITS...

I await, meditate, send silent prayers to you and, of course, work in your service for the favor of your grace.

You are ALPHA and OMEGA the most perfect form of MANGOD. Your body is the temple, your crotch the alter at which I will worship.

This postulant prays he might earn your favor!

Corey on 3:10 PM
Devotional #3 Monday

O Divine Master, grant that I may be worthy of this offering today...

Every part of you remarkable masculine muscular body is worthy of praise. Today I focus on your crotch, specifically your splendid pubic hair.

What a great natural growth of hairy -- an absolute dark jungle in which I hope to bury my face and lose my soul in somday!

Your pubes are perfect succulent mounds of flesh covered with a beautiful landscape of crotch hair. How I long to have you push my face into your groin so that I may feel the power of your hand thrusting me deeper into your jungle while I--enraptured by your man-scent, enthralled by the prickly sensation of your hairs on my face, enchanted by the taste of your flesch laced with your sweat, and ecstatic to be worshiping at your crotch alter--I wildly ravish you with my unbridled lust as I worship you, my MOST MAGNIFICENT LORD.

I pray that I may be made worthy to shower your wonderful pubes, so stupendously accentuated with dark tifht coils of pubic hair, with my devotion.

Praise be to BigJim, MEGA LORD of my universe -- the center of all things wonderful and beautiful. Your perfect hairy pubes are but one aspect of your manly, powerful perfection.

I rejoice in the shadow of your stately stature!

Comment by pecsluvrdave on 6:40 PM
Jim...words can't describe how turned on I get every time I see you. You are the Herculean Muscle Daddy of this guys dreams!! Worshipping your body would be amazing...and being lifted off my feet in those huge arms of yours are things I can't get off of my mind. You know I have been a HUGE Fan of you for years. Nursing on those huge pecs and incredible mega nips..while you held me close in protective arms would be heaven. I would love to be counted as your boy..son..worshipper! Pleasuring every inch of you...totally in your control. The power u possess over me goes beyond your massive strength difference...I'd be yours with one look! Your bud Dave!

Corey on 8:07 PM
Devotional #4 Tuesday

MegaBrute my MegaMaster, BigJim, today I focus on your muscles as the springboard for this Devotional.

How I long to tenderly caress your hard rippling muscles. I especially hope to worship with my tongue your beautiful MEGAHUGE biceps and your incredible MEGAPECS. I long to press my lips against your amazing areolae and nurse from your magnificent MANTITS.

MUSCLES = STRENGTH and you have such overwhelming strength -- not just physical strength, though you certainly have that in abundance. But just as powerful in a real masculine brute of a man such as you is the inner strengths: self-discipline to maintain your workouts to continue building and maintaining your body; tenderness in measured amounts that endears me to you; control of your masculine voice that bathes me in your manliness; attitude that comes only with self-confidence. These are all parts of your manly strength that make you the man of statue as much as do your powerful muscles.

So, in summary, when I worship your muscles and strengths I worship more than your physique--I worship all of you as TRANSCENDED MAN on an entirely separate level apart from other men. I worship you as my GOD and proudly praise in words and deeds.

Ever your humble servant, admirer, fan, postulant, worshiper, and hopeful breast feeder, and sucker of your cock--a spectacular man-muscle in its own right!

Corey on 7:44 PM
Devotional #5 Thursday

To publicly exclaim my love for your splendid muscles, my Lord BigJim, is an honor that brings me joy almost impossible to contain!

You have such a perfect body--from biceps and pectorals to the V-shape hairy pubes of your crotch. Just looking at you elevates my aesthetic pleasures much like looking upon Adonis and David. But you aren't stone and your aren't myth though your muscles are as hard as marble and your strength is mythical in a Herculean sense. You are my GOD - all things to me that matter! You are the beginning and end of my universe. Your body is perfection squared to infinity. You are GOD to whom I pray, to whom I worship and dedicate my affections.

Corey on 1:08 PM
Devotional #6 Friday

My Lord, my MegaGod, you are a beast of a MAN. So mighty and meaty are your pecs and nipples, so hard and beautifully shaped is your MegaCock! I relish paying tribute to you. Sending you accolades and well-deserved compliments is my way of praying to you, my Lord.

I have had males in my life before -- but not one has ever fulfilled my need, my longing, for a real masculine MAN to whom I could submit and supplicate myself. Though I longed for a man in my life worthy of my respect and worship -- all have fallen miserably short.

Until you.

In physique and in mental attitude, you are ALL MAN! And yet you are capable of tenderness and great understand -- yet another mark of a true MAN. Your virility and erotic presence knows no bounds! You are the mightiest of MEN, the most powerful of all GODS!

I had a black hole, a longing, a need to worship a superior MAN and you came along and filled that hole and made me whole. You nurse my psychic wounds by allowing me access to your body, by nursing me from your man breast, feeding me from your manly milktube.

Your body evokes my desires, your manly presence bathes me in a soothing aura of security. Through you I am reborn and transcended to a blissful state of ONENESS with all existence. Like Walt Whitman, every atom belonging to you belongs to me by the act of my worshiping you.

Thank you, BigJim, my beast of a man, my Lord and MEGAGOD! Thank you for allowing me to walk in your shadow.

Radman on 6:01 AM
I have had the pleasure of having a few sessions with Big Jim and have always enjoyed every I am into wrestling he and I have had some great muscle matches. I do not have the size muscles that Jim does but when we are together we really seem to click and the heat is intense when we go at one another...he is a true muscle god and I am thrilled he feels the same way about me. I am his muscle partner Radman

Anonymous on 1:00 AM

Powerful yet passionate,
Insatiable yet sensitive,
Dominant but not domineering,
Handsome but rugged,

To watch the manmountain of muscle tremble as his steel pipe of a cock is about to erupt in a river of hot, ropey, cum is a dream many have but a few of the chosen witness in reality... to be a part of the MEGABRUTES' stable is an honor and priviledge... and only THE ULTIMATE MAN "BIGJIM" will bestow this upon you...

Muscle = BigJim
Rivers of cum = BigJim
Huge cock = BigJim
Passion = BigJim

I love you BigJim, the Ultimate Sex Machine
Your littleone

Anonymous on 1:16 PM
I want to tell you that you have made my hunger for mens nipples and cocksucking-swallowing so much more envigorating. I wouldn't be able to suck your nipples hot enough let alone deep throat your cock deep enough to swallow your load. I want your balls hitting my chin as you slide that cock deep into my throat, shooting your load. That is if you would like.

Comment by Pecules on 5:18 AM
Good Morning, SIR,
How I wish you lived close enough to be able to serve and service! You are truly a wonderfully made MAN...perfection in size in every category.Your lineman built muscular beefy body and your dominate presenceare so masterful. Your cock balls ...hard as a rock and well sized for length and width and sack size...what a treat for some lucky guy!and And as your pictures with the talent to take charge and be the MANLY MASTER I have been wishing for.

Then there are your marvelously expressive eyes....that glint of mischief, the glare of control...the powerful way your right eyebrow raises , all mixed and finnished off by an impish grin! You are the rare misture of absolute beautiful MANLINESS and an edge of boyish devilishness.....

I am sad to report that nobody like you has made his presence known so that I might spend every time allowable in pleasing his every whim.....

HOW fortunate the people are in your area..just to getto see you , let alone to have the opportunity to touch feel you , and serve/service you.......

Wish you were here!

Best Wishes , SIR

Your Servant,

Saturday, November 7, 2009

BigJim In Da Hood!

After a morning of intense pectoral training - the most extensive workout to date - Big Jim decides to take a jog. Putting on his sneakers & a pair of shorts so tight, so short, his hard, full, round muscled glutes were all but exposed, Big Jim takes off shirtless, wanting to get sun on his full blown pecs. He decides to take a shortcut thru town to his favorite trails but, too distracted listening to his Ipod, winds up in da hood - not a place to be for a half-naked white man!
Big Jim made quite an impression on passerbys in just his tight shorts & massive pecs thrust forward, bouncing with every step!
Taking a turn, Jim finds himself in a small dark alley but decides to continue. From around the corner comes a gang of 4 very rough looking black dudes dressed in oversized t-shirts, bling around their necks, pants hanging down around their knees showing off their boxers, head scarves, and boots. In their late 20's, they seemed to be skinny, aggressive and out for trouble.
Two of them carried large chains which dragged on the ground.
They approached Big Jim wanting to know what 'whitey' was doin' on their 'turf'. "YO DAWGS! LOOK IT WHAT WE GOT HERE!
By now all eyes were on Jims' chest, staring greedily at the muscle man! One gives the heavy hanging pecs a shove, then sinks his fingers into the pec flesh. Tho' Jim statrs to protest, his words are cut off. "YOU BEST PUMP YO BRAKES FOOL! WE MEANS TO HAVE SOME FUN HERE - DRIFT?!"
Ready for a fight, Big Jim 's mucles start to tense & flex, but the two with chains swing them over their heads, towards Jim, wrapping them around his mighty torso just under his massive pecs leaving them exposed while two tie his wrists together behind him leaving his chest thrust outward.As he struggles to break free, the heaving round pecs bounce with every movement - the magnificent tits begin to drip sweat from the intense heat & struggle.
"LOOK IT THE SIZE O' THESE MUTHU'S!" says the one, flashing a gold tooth as he reaches for the oversized tits. He holds them in his fingers, rolling the thick nips , & starts pulling them away from Jim's man melons, then shaking them up & down producing tremors in the surrounding tit flesh, turning on the others as their huge black cocks begin to swell noticably in their oversized pants. Soon all begin to strip showing their tight toned muscles covered in gang tatoos. Still struggling, the ManGods muscles flex tremendously until he literally breaks the chains in many pieces - metal crashing to the ground!
The dudes realize this is no mere white man, but a muscled being from another world! Mesmerized by the awesome display of strength & courage, they move in on all sides to touch this man - huge shoulders & arms pumped , the magfnificent tits perched atop full blown melon pecs - their hands feeling his smooth sculpted torso, rubbing their bodies & rockhard dripping cocks against his flesh, squeezing, grasping the ample pecs and tits now beginning to drip, removing his shorts to rim his muscled glutes and lick his massive inner thighs.
The gang contin-ues their horny assault on Jim's sweaty body - noow punching his pecs, testing their strength, causing the tit muscles to drip more. They rush to feed upon the enormous meat protrading from the muscled pecs. Jim's dick is now at full mast! The other two kneel in wonder at the awesome mancock dripping a continous flow like the nipples. They run their tongues along the shaft, concentrating on every vein that sticks out along the way, and gobble the big bull balls like hungry dogs in heat!
Jim stands , hands on hips, looking down at the thick black lips suckling his enormous tits, swallowing his meat, and gobbling down his ballsac! They look up at the white conqueror and begin to blow their loads on the filthy street they kneel upon. Spent, exhausted, but pleading for more, Jim grabs what's left of the chains, wraps it tight around their balls in a chain, leads them to the brickwall of the one building and secures them to a large dumpster. Then to teach them a lesson on ever messing with him, he forces his massive cock innto the assholes of each upturned ass - revelling in the anguished screams of pain - reaching around & torturing the tender young nipples of each man, gripping their thin pecs with intense strength! Over & over, he mercilessly fucks each black ass till they are red & raw!
Whipping the chain from the dumpster, he throws them in a heap on the ground. With one arm flexing his herculean biceps, one foot resting on top of the gang, he strokes his gigantic cock spewing his load over the entire mess of black mangled flesh before him - practically drowning them!

Jim doesn't have any troubles in da hood no mo'!
In fact, he has bodyguards!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

BigJim Fiction "Feast of the Faggots!"

Long week -- hard day at the office and Big Jim is looking forward to a weekend of rest, relaxation, and working out to relieve the stress from the job.
He arrives home; weary and ready for a shower and a beer.
He scans the mail quickly and sees a large manilla envelope with handwriting on it -- almost like calligraphy.
''Hmm - will look at that later''

Taking the beer into the shower with him, Jim begins to relax under the flow of the hot spray. Trying to forget about the pile of bills out there waiting to be paid, he begins to lather himself, paying special attention to his large pecs and tits, which he is quite proud of. He begins to lose himself in his own self-worship; indulging himself with his hands & fingers -- caressing every inch of the full pec meat -- stroking, massaging the huge mantits which give him so much pleasure. He looks across the bathroom towards the mirror and marvels at the way he looks and feels. ''(sigh) If only there were two of me!''

In the bedroom, he opens the curious envelope. Inside is a lovely handwritten letter and a check for $1000.-!
''My Dear Sir - your presence is requested on Thursday, Nov 27th at the following address. We wish to request your services for a special Thanksgiving Feast - namely you! We have prepaid for a session with you. Enclosed is a phone number to call for any questions and instructions to get here.
Sincerely yours, Mortimor J. Collingsworth


Dialing the number, a deep voice on the other end assures Jim this is on the up and up -- and yes, beer will be provided for him. There will be 20 guests for dinner.

The day arrives and big Jim drives to the address -- a very old, yet well maintained Victorian mansion. He is greeted at the door by a very old, yet handsome butler who leads him to the parlor.
Looking around, the whole place is decorated in red, pink and gold - velvet cushions and drapes - antiques everywhere- everything trimmed with fringe and lace - like an old lady lived there. ''here is your (ahem) beverage Sir'' and the butler brings a tray of various beers from all over. ''dinner shall start when you have quenched your thirst Sir''

"What the hell kinda party is this? No football on the tube -- where is the TV anyway -- where are all the guys?''

''Sir, if you'll be so kind as to undress & hand me your clothes, I'll lead you to the dining hall - the master awaits you there''

Undressing, the butler pays no attention, nor gives any indication of excitement at the sight of Big Jim's body. Taking the clothes and placing them, folded, in a stylish cabinet, he beckons Big Jim to ''follow me''.

Entering a huge dining room, he sees a massive table with a trimmed lace tablecloth covering it -- candelabras at each end.
His host -- a peculiar skinny, egghead type -- greets him with the limpest wristed handshake ever.
''So glad you could accept our invitation! Please lie on your back on the table, and dinner will be served. As you know, you ARE the main course! My guests are very hungry,''
Big Jim does as asked, but noticed the incredible 'queeny' lisp in Mortimors' voice -- wondering what happened to the deep voice he heard over the phone.
Laying there, the butler and Mortimor take BigJim's wrists, spread them, and bind them to the edges of the table on either side. The same is done with his ankles. Very wide! Centered in the middle of the table, all he can see is the ceiling.
The butler's voice booms out that dinner is served!
With that, the guests enter from separate rooms -- all dressed impeccably with the slightest hint of cologne from each. They take their places at the table -- yes, place cards have been put out.
They range in age from 25 to 80. All thin, well mannered and groomed, and the most effeminent bunch he'd ever seen.
Mortimor asks for silence and all bow their heads as he begins a blessing for the bountiful feast laid before them.
Then they begin to undress and BigJim can't believe the sight! A few toned bodies, but mostly sagging skin or skinny, bony bodies.
''Oh shit! What did I get myself into! They're all queens! Faggots from hell!''
A large tub of soft butter is brought, and they begin to smear it over Big Jims huge, muscled body. He starts to change his mind, and struggles to escape, but those binds are tight! This only excites the fags surrounding him, making them grope, feel, and smear more.
''Isn't he just fabulous Mary?!'' ''Eewe! What a Man, he is!''
'''Have you never felt a body like hisssssssss before in all your days?!'' ''Sssssssimply luciousssssss!''
If that doesn't make you go limp, then what happens next will really get you.
Together, they begin to lick at Big Jim - ever so softly, gently, like a feather. Their soft tongues and soft hands caressing the muscle giant; making him squirm. Big Jim can't take too much more of this. ''I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANY MORE! EAT ME GODDAMN IT! EAT ME!''

''Listen girls! It speaks!'' "What a lovely presentation, but something is missssssssing''
With that, an apple is shoved in Big Jim's mouth to keep him quiet while they continue their slimy torture. Mouths soon press and engulf his flesh -- nerves are soon discovered by them on him bringing his gigantic cock to life! Tongues and mouths manipulate his sensitive tits and nipples bringing them to a quiver. Tongues lick and gently bite each side of the nape of his neck, more discover the pits of his arms while others devour the flexed muscles of his biceps - mouths engulf his toes & fingers -
scrawny boney hands work their way up and down his inner thighs till he feels his huge balls being swallowed and swished in two separate mouths - hands pry apart his ass and a tongue works it's way in there -- how this can be done with the way he's tied down is beyond him -- but finally all Big Jim can do is give in totally -- surrendering his flesh for the feast of these faggots.
He can hear the slurping and sucking and feel the slobber dripping on him. Still, his cock and tits begin to ooze their milky liquid. These are men(?) still, and Big Jim is never one to turn down a hungry man(?) so he begins to give them the show to go with the meal. He flexes and struggles -- grunting till he can finally spit the damn apple out of his mouth.
This does excite them -- seeing the muscled beast coming to life! They press their slimy cocks against the sides of his flesh -- gyrating their hips in the most disgusting manner imaginable.
They lean in to lick and suck the creamy white discharge from his nipples-savoring each drop. They suck his granite hard cock like velvet vacuums. More butter is brought in and slathered over the mandick.
Soon, they begin to crawl on top of the ManGod, positioning themselves in a sitting position over the manspear, and slide down for the fuck of their lives! Big Jim will fuck anything, but this takes some doing on his part. Once inside, something strange happens. He feels it from each man. Their assholes are like smooth, velvet vicegrips. As they ride the behemoth cock, it feels as if their assholes are literally sucking his dick from within.
By the 15th man, Big Jim can hardly control himself.
Sucking his mantits, licking his neck, sucking his fingers, toes, and balls, licking his now sweaty armpits, groping his muscles, Big Jim holds back until the last has had their fill of dick -- then -- with a loud roar, he breaks free of the ties on the table, stands on the table and bellows out his command: "WORSHIP ME!"
Now seeing him standing, flexing, milk dripping from his immense tits, chest thrust out, and mandick throbbing in midair, they cower and crawl around his feet as he lets loose a massive burst of dickmilk! Load after load shoots forth hitting and covering everything and everyone in it's path! They fight and push each other to get a mouthful. Big Jim cums and cums for a long time! Every man there gets his fill!
Then, getting on all fours on the table, Big Jim commands them to eat his ass and feast on his hole!
No self respecting 'Queen' eats a hole, but seeing the large muscled glutes, the enormous hamstrings they quickly dive in and feast like starving Ethiopians! Big Jim relaxes and allows his hole to open wide for them to get their tongues in as far as possible. These guys seem to have tongues like serpents as they manage to get almost in to his prostate! Worshipping his muscled ass, eating, devouring, and feasting on his hole gets Big Jim to the point his juices begin to flow out his hole and are eagerly lapped up by the flock of faggots! His cock and tits begin to surge with renewed strength. He falls over onto his back as he begins to lactate and ejaculate again! They swarm over him like cannibals!
Finally spent, the guests still haven't gotten their rocks off yet.
So Mortimor makes a suggestion. For $500.- more, he'd like Big Jim to fist fuck any two men he pleases. All begin to beg for it to be them.
Big Jim selects two skinny scrawny, but handsome men. One young and one very old. They position themselves on the table on all fours as Big Jim greases his fists and arms with the butter, then their holes as well.
Slowly he begins to finger them, but finds them already relaxed and ready to take it. He still goes slow, so he can hear them beg for it.
Finally, he pushes into them -- his entire fist in each mans hole -- as they squirm and writhe in delight -- their cocks as hard as granite and dripping as he maneuvers inside them. The other guests are stroking their cocks, but BigJim has a show to put on.
Deeper and deeper he goes into each. Finally, with all the strength he can muster, he brings his arms and the men up -- his huge muscled arms straight up in the air -- biceps, triceps, delts bulging as he flexes. The two scream as they find themselves in midair and slowly begin to slide down the length of Big Jims arms! Past the elbow, till Big Jim can feel their guts! The others can't hold back and begin to cum in explosive loads! The two on his arms cum and cum without even touching themselves as Big Jim uses them as combination dumbbells and hand puppets!
The sight of this muscled ManGod with his powerful muscles flexed and two small, puny cocksuckers impaled on each arm was a wonder to behold!
Setting them down was no easy task and pulling out was just as difficult.
The butler led Big Jim to the shower room where he assisted him with his 'cleaning'! As the butler undressed to get in the shower, Big Jim noticed that, although old, he was powerfully built! With a cock from hell! And big, huge, bulging, boulder pecs!
As he was expertly lathered, Jim asked the butler how he could work for such a bunch.
"I should tell you now, Sir, they actually work for me! I am Mortimor and the one you spoke with over the phone!
I hated to deceive you, but I've been a fan of yours for many years! I am 79 yrs old, and didn't think you'd care to have a session with a man my age, so I hired them instead so I could watch."


"I am sorry. But I was also afraid that, even if you knew, you'd change your mind. Plus, I was afraid of you. You have quite a reputation. I didn't think I could handle having you all to myself.
Guess I'm just a foolish old man." With that--BigJim got dressed and left-----but he came back many times after that to give the old guy the fantasy muscle he craved.

BigJim MuscleStorm!

BigJim Bulldad!