Saturday, November 7, 2009

BigJim In Da Hood!

After a morning of intense pectoral training - the most extensive workout to date - Big Jim decides to take a jog. Putting on his sneakers & a pair of shorts so tight, so short, his hard, full, round muscled glutes were all but exposed, Big Jim takes off shirtless, wanting to get sun on his full blown pecs. He decides to take a shortcut thru town to his favorite trails but, too distracted listening to his Ipod, winds up in da hood - not a place to be for a half-naked white man!
Big Jim made quite an impression on passerbys in just his tight shorts & massive pecs thrust forward, bouncing with every step!
Taking a turn, Jim finds himself in a small dark alley but decides to continue. From around the corner comes a gang of 4 very rough looking black dudes dressed in oversized t-shirts, bling around their necks, pants hanging down around their knees showing off their boxers, head scarves, and boots. In their late 20's, they seemed to be skinny, aggressive and out for trouble.
Two of them carried large chains which dragged on the ground.
They approached Big Jim wanting to know what 'whitey' was doin' on their 'turf'. "YO DAWGS! LOOK IT WHAT WE GOT HERE!
By now all eyes were on Jims' chest, staring greedily at the muscle man! One gives the heavy hanging pecs a shove, then sinks his fingers into the pec flesh. Tho' Jim statrs to protest, his words are cut off. "YOU BEST PUMP YO BRAKES FOOL! WE MEANS TO HAVE SOME FUN HERE - DRIFT?!"
Ready for a fight, Big Jim 's mucles start to tense & flex, but the two with chains swing them over their heads, towards Jim, wrapping them around his mighty torso just under his massive pecs leaving them exposed while two tie his wrists together behind him leaving his chest thrust outward.As he struggles to break free, the heaving round pecs bounce with every movement - the magnificent tits begin to drip sweat from the intense heat & struggle.
"LOOK IT THE SIZE O' THESE MUTHU'S!" says the one, flashing a gold tooth as he reaches for the oversized tits. He holds them in his fingers, rolling the thick nips , & starts pulling them away from Jim's man melons, then shaking them up & down producing tremors in the surrounding tit flesh, turning on the others as their huge black cocks begin to swell noticably in their oversized pants. Soon all begin to strip showing their tight toned muscles covered in gang tatoos. Still struggling, the ManGods muscles flex tremendously until he literally breaks the chains in many pieces - metal crashing to the ground!
The dudes realize this is no mere white man, but a muscled being from another world! Mesmerized by the awesome display of strength & courage, they move in on all sides to touch this man - huge shoulders & arms pumped , the magfnificent tits perched atop full blown melon pecs - their hands feeling his smooth sculpted torso, rubbing their bodies & rockhard dripping cocks against his flesh, squeezing, grasping the ample pecs and tits now beginning to drip, removing his shorts to rim his muscled glutes and lick his massive inner thighs.
The gang contin-ues their horny assault on Jim's sweaty body - noow punching his pecs, testing their strength, causing the tit muscles to drip more. They rush to feed upon the enormous meat protrading from the muscled pecs. Jim's dick is now at full mast! The other two kneel in wonder at the awesome mancock dripping a continous flow like the nipples. They run their tongues along the shaft, concentrating on every vein that sticks out along the way, and gobble the big bull balls like hungry dogs in heat!
Jim stands , hands on hips, looking down at the thick black lips suckling his enormous tits, swallowing his meat, and gobbling down his ballsac! They look up at the white conqueror and begin to blow their loads on the filthy street they kneel upon. Spent, exhausted, but pleading for more, Jim grabs what's left of the chains, wraps it tight around their balls in a chain, leads them to the brickwall of the one building and secures them to a large dumpster. Then to teach them a lesson on ever messing with him, he forces his massive cock innto the assholes of each upturned ass - revelling in the anguished screams of pain - reaching around & torturing the tender young nipples of each man, gripping their thin pecs with intense strength! Over & over, he mercilessly fucks each black ass till they are red & raw!
Whipping the chain from the dumpster, he throws them in a heap on the ground. With one arm flexing his herculean biceps, one foot resting on top of the gang, he strokes his gigantic cock spewing his load over the entire mess of black mangled flesh before him - practically drowning them!

Jim doesn't have any troubles in da hood no mo'!
In fact, he has bodyguards!

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