Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BigJim Warehouse Rumble!

Big Jim takes his boy to an old abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city. Inside the two go at it - Jim is giving his boy the fuck of his life! The boy bent over an old crate is screaming wihle hsi ass is pratically torn in two.
In comes a punk street gang led by the noise. All are young, lanky, skinny teenagers looking for trouble wherever they cann find it.
When they come upon the sight of a man plowing a boys ass, the first thing they shout 'OH MY GOD! WE GOT US A COUPLE OF FAGGOTS HERE! HEY! OLD MAN! YOU LIKE TO SUCK DICK?!" Distracted by the catcalls, Jim stops and look over - anger filling face! The kids see an opportunity to make off with Big Jim's wallet and car.
The leader approaches Jim "HEY! I'M TALKING TO YA! YOU SOME KIND OF FUCKIN PERVERT?! YO! WE GOT US A COUPLE A FAGGOTS HERE" Oops! That was the wrong thing to say!
They lunge at Jim! Grabbing his shirt, arms, attempting to knock him down. Two take a few swings, but Jim blocks them.
In the onslaught, Jim's shirt is ripped to shreds as they continue to fight - he manages to throw most off him, but grabs one and lifts him up over his head throwing him into a pile of garbage!
After a few minutes the punks are down - beaten - clothes shredded - while Jim stands over them covered in sweat and grime flexing his heaving chest which they suddenly notice with awe! "I SAID - YOU PUNKS WANT A PIECE OF ME?! NOW YOU'RE GONNA HAVE YOUR FILL!!!" No argument on their part. Their demeanor rapidly changes as they crawl on their bellies towards the boot clad feet of the muscle man standing over them! They begin to lick Jim's boots as their hands start feeling up the denim clad legs. Overcome with anger & lust, Jim rips the jeans open, the boys slide em down and off - and look in utter amazement at the fully aroused naked muscle giant above them. The huge udders on the heaving pecs call to them. They lunge towards Jim again, but in hunger! Punk mouths are soon filled with pec meat, tit meat, throbbing dick meat as tongues probe the muscled glutes!
Although Jim enjoys this new attention, he knows these punks need to be taught a lesson for interrupting his fuck time with his boy! "I TOLD YOU PUNKS I LIKE TO FIGHT BEFORE I FUCK! LINE UP OVER THOSE CRATES --NOW!" Quickly they turn around except for one, the so called leader, who Jim has to pull off of his tit forcefully - he is the 1st to get it. No prelube for these 'tough' guys - Jim plows straight in! Getting off on the screams of agony, the cries for mercy, Jim gets harder and harder, fucking with all his might, an angry fuck, a violent fuck and Big Jim is in heaven! After going at each one twice, ripping, tearing, shredding their assholes, he grabs his boy for the final fuck wihle the punks tongue worship his immense muscled frame and ass!
They gather on the floor at his feet hungrily ready to swallow the cum about to flow from the mighty dick - when.........
the cops burst in!!!
The cops, called to the warehouse on a noise complaint from a passing motorist, can't believe the scene in front of them. All are hauled away. The gang is wanted in connection with many thefts and destructuction of property, and Jim on a charge of indecent exposure and trespassing.
In jail, the big guy is interrogated, strip searched and led off to a cell - alone. The cops are amazed at the size of this man and the immense pec meat hanging from his chest. several officers - young, handsome and well built themselves - decide to amuse themselves with their detainee. Big Jim is handcuffed spreadeagle to the bars of the cell - bare naked - as the officers surround him - rubbing their crotches - and re-interrogating their prisoner! Night sticks are rubbed between the massive thighs, under the huge nutsacs, and across the chest of the prisoner
Big Jim struggles against the handcuffs, flexing every muscle in his huge arms, broad shoulders, and heaving pecs!
His nipples begin to come alive as a slow drip starts from each - as the officers begin to feel and fondle the massive pecs! His cock and balls are cuffed like a cickring, bringing the manmeat to life! As a nightstick glides between the crack of the muscled glutes, drops of liquid pearls begin to ooze out the manmeat of Big Jim - sighs, moans, and graons emnate from the throat as Big Jim begins to actually enjoy the assualt on his helpless body! The cops begin to strip out of their clothes - leaving only their kneehigh boots, gunbelts, and caps on. The sight of this has turned Big Jim on immensly as big, thick, throbbing mandick leaks more, and his throbbing tits begin to ooze down his frame.
The officers, wasting no time never seeing any man able to do this before, come forward, feeling, groping, probing, licking, sucking every inch of muscle flesh - they fight for a place on each of the titanice milking tits while two each take a side of the concrete hard cock and the other is kneeling between the massive thigh face up gobbling down the great nutsacs.
Bih Jim sees a two-way mirror across the room and the sight of these naked cops in boots and gunbelts, orally ravaging his flesh - and not knowing who is on the other side of the mirror looking on - has put Big Jim over the edge. Suddenly a voice from the other side of the mirror comes across a speaker sytem:
'NOW - ARE YOU READY TO CONFESS?" Confess to what? Having a good time? The officers are actually edging Big Jim into submission! All night longthey go at him again and again!
Finally, the officers themselves - and the detectives on the other side of the mirror - break down, uncuff Big Jim and beg to be fucked! Big Jim handcuffs them facing the bars, their asses towards him, and using his dick and their own nightsticks, begins the anal probe of a lifetime!!
Yes! Big Jim spent several days in jail, but not a moment behind bars!

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