Tuesday, November 7, 2017

and the mail keeps cumming in........

more fan mail and tributes to the man!
Mark writes.....

Whoa!!!!  looked at your pics and watched the videos. . Would love to worship you in the flesh!!!  I’d sit back and watch and jack.  Biggest fantasy would be to suck on those hot peck bullets of yours!  Great chest and cock.  Jacked all day yesterday watching hot muscle porn.  Now I can include your collection!!!!!  Thanks Big Jim!!!!

John writes.......

Oh fuck yeah.. they are so damn HOT.. big and thick and so sexy.. damn HOT... love hoe they are etched all the waay around and those nipples so ready for nursing total worship.. you need to have  4 guys sucking on them and worshipping you...... 4 guys on your tits.. two on your hardon,... one kissing your ass and a couple of big mirrors for you to watch yourself and blow a huge load into your hand and have them all feed off of it... so HOT  great pics and pecs..

Rick write a great tribute!!!

To all of us who admire and adore Big Jim I submit this tribute:
     Thousands of men have appeared on my monitors over the years.  A handful make it to "favorites" or "buddies".   
     I laid my eyes on Big Jim more than ten years ago.  He has provided me with stimulation, fellowship, and a steady stream of his gizz ever since.  
     It's probably a good thing we're more than 200 miles apart.  If we were neighbors I would be borrowing a cup of "sugar" daily.  
      Being the consummate performer, he never disappoints.  From his handsome face to his rock hard muscled torso, on looks alone, he produces an instant boner and makes me drool thinking of him pounding my face with his heavy duty manmeat.  His balls could repopulate the earth several times over.  He seems to have a cum spring in that ball sack with a limitless supply of muscle milk and the boundless sexual energy to coax it out.  I think he can come fourteen times a day.  
     His biceps, no doubt, have fueled countless dreams among his followers.  His naked body is a glorious sight to behold.  His pecs, in a word, perfect!  He has trained them so well they seem choreographed.  Yet, he is such a complete natural.          
      Nature has bestowed upon him the body and face of a Demi-God.  A generous and exhibitionist spirit comfortably resides within allowing this beautiful specimen to easily connect with his many admirers.  
     I love our brief moments together.  He is a creature for whom I lust.  He is a man's man in every sense.  I fantasize about being in his presence each focused on pleasing the other.  I know he must be a wonderful lover.  I dream about utterly surrendering to our profound attraction.  I yearn for intimacy with Big Jim.  In this odd cyber world in which we coexist, we are connected...truly connected.  Big bear hugs to you my man.   




Thursday, August 31, 2017



BIGJIM the Provocative Gallery

SAM (Studio Alpha Males) does it again! He's taken some of my new and old pics and given them a fresh new look. Call it egotistical, call it art.....call whatever the fuck you want------but it's HOT!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tommy Gets Off on BigJim!



BigJim Skype worshiper and huge fan TOMMY gets off on his favorite muscleman in a series of 4 tribute videos he did exclusively for his muscle fantasy man. Watch and listen as hot lean and smooth Tommy jerks off to Jim's pics and videos in this beautiful display of muscle adoration

Video one  Tommy Jerks off to BigJim's pic "Muscle on Fire" Here his verbal adoration as he gazes upon his muscle hero.

Video two...Watch Tommy jerk off to the pic!

Video three....Tommy get's off on BigJim's Cum video

Video four..Tommy jerks off again to a second BigJim cum shot video!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

BigJim The Compilation Videos!

I recently decided to combine a lot of my videos into 3 compilation videos. Because the files are too large to post here on my blog I'm attaching the direct links to them on XTube. You'll find the resolution much clearer there than here on my site.
I combined the videos into like subjects

My Cum Shot compilation. my Pec Bounce compilation and my Ripped Tee Shirt compilation.

Enjoy the shows!




More Tributes and Fan Mail to BigJim

Every now and then I like to post some of the hot fan mail and tributes I get daily from my online profiles. Here are some of the best ones over the past couple of weeks. By the --this is one of my latest pics from a new gallery I'm working on.

Testimonial for my love of BigJim from Frank in Utica......

Big Jim, I have seen all your photographs, and  watched all your videos, and I love every one of them.   But nothing is as good as feeling your manly flesh for real.  I loved how solid and strong your muscular body felt,...even your cock felt  so thick, massive and powerful inside my mouth,.....and when you came,- it was a huge load of the best tasting manly cum I ever tasted!  I swear that I felt stronger and had more energy for days after you fed me your high-testosterone manly protein drink!!!  I have had my share of hot sexy men in my life, but if my sex life was ever made into a book, without a doubt...., my experience with you would be the best chapter!!        Sincerely,  your pal, Frank.

Frank from Utica writes again (a fan from Bearforest)

Big Jim,......here I get on these sites looking for a man to satisfy my desire. for a real man with the muscle, strength and masculinity I crave and desperately need. Someone who is clean and healthy, has a level head and a desire to fulfill my fantasies, Someone relatively close by....I don't enjoy traveling hundreds of miles to other states even if the sex is great. I'm sure if you lived in Palm Springs or Fort Lauderdale, I would feel frustrated and angry that such a fine man is so far away....Too far to ever meet him. But then,...I see your profile and I say to myself..."There is the most perfect man...everything I am looking for...and he less than an hours drive...and he's willing to share his awesome body with me! I have been rejected and put down by a lot of guys that couldn't hold a candle to you! I feel guilty that you were always right here but I didn't appreciate all you have to offer. But all that is going to change....I think everyday of what I want to do to you the next time we are together! I just hope you will have the time and patience to allow me to explore your entire body the way I need to worship it. I just want to rub my face against your massive pecs! Feel your muscular back and shoulders....bury my face in your muscle-butt! I only hope I can give you some of the intense pleasure you always give me! XXXXXXX,

HazMat Guy from Bearforest writes....

Just had to say you're arrogant, self absorbed and self important....and we love you. Dude, we love you! Yes you've got great muscles and a great bod (really great bod!), but what sets you apart is your showmanship. You are Donald Trump, Kobe Bryant, and Kanye West all rolled into one.....stripped naked and with a big cock! You literally kick the door down and take over the room!!!!!

Boy Barry from DaddyDater writes....

My Dad BigJim,
My dad is gorgeous
My dad is handsome
My dad is good with words
My dad is good with chains
My dad is hot in leather
My dad is great while flexing
My dad is great with his smile at the end of his vids
My dad is a great and caring dad
My dad is better than your dad any old day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edmundo writes....

Hey Jim. Ive been admiring your blog for a while now and constantly dream of being able to nurse on your pecks and lick your nips.  Every video you post makes me cum and I only hope I get the chance to meet you in person some day. I'd love to Skype with you sometime.

A devoted worshipper,

Eric writes...

Fucking A man. I've been wanking over your vids all morning. Now its clean up time. Shot all over you and screen. HOT HOT HOT. THANKS BIG MAN

Doug writes...

Thank You Sir. You are Tremendous! A true muscle God. You gave me the most exciting muscle worship session ever, Your voice is so dominant and commanding i couldn't help but obey and cum for You Sir.
Thank You for makings me cum so much all over myself. 

Brian after viewing a BigJim slide show...

Yo Big Man ...
That was fucking incredible!
Every time you talked about taking one and fucking him ... my ass quivered!!
I bet every seed you planted was a religious experience!
Impressive and well worth the three cum loads already!
Plenty more to cum!

Edmundo ..BigJim Skype Fan Writes.....

Your muscle melons seriously get me so turned on
You seriously have the most suckable looking nipples. I'd nurse on you for hours and just get lost in the taste of your muscles in my mouth.
You're seriously a god

Skype Fan Jeff Writes...

I know each and every time I get to lay my eyes on you it's going to be a spectacular show.  There is no one who does it like you do on the Net.  Believe me, as an amateur "andrologist", I have made a study of cocks and bodies for over a decade.  You are truly special; You are the epitome of manly "eye candy".  Fuck!  You're the whole damn smorgasboard. Every single time you pump your manmeat and grab that plate that receives your gobs of Godly muscle I'm in awe! From what I see, you could easily repopulate the earth several times over.


Sunday, February 5, 2017

BigJim Eats His Load Again

Can't get enough of that fresh protein rich, thick and potent BigJim muscle batter!