Sunday, November 29, 2009

BigJim's Boy fan from Seattle Writes of his Fantasy

David, a boy from Seattle writes BIGJIM his fantasy of him---here's what he wrote --

My first time meeting Jim was a night I will never forget!! We had planned to meet for quite awhile...but it never seemed to work out for us for one reason or another. Frustrating but in some ways amazing because the anticipation of finally meeting this Mega God of a man was all consuming! I waited for his call at my place...checking the clock constantly with a worry in the back of my mind that he wouldn't call. Right on target though the phone rang and the most incredible deep masculine voice greeted me. "Hows my boy" he said. Just hearing that made me start to swell. "I'm running about 20 minutes behind...but will be there soon boy"...He told me he was finishing up at the gym and was combining arms and chest that day " feeling incredibly strong and getting a massive pump" I could barely speak..but told him I was waiting and so excited to meet!

The next 1/2 hour I could hardly concentrate...I paced a bit..and tried watching TV to settle my nerves. Nervous excitement and adrenaline. When I heard the knock on the door I practically jumped out of my I opened the door to find the doorway filled with the most amazing specimen of man I'd ever seen. Broad shoulders ..huge arms and those massive pecs of his were all I could see. I could barely speak but he took charge immediately. Good to finally see my boy he said and he walked inside closing the door behind him. In the light inside I could finally see all of this amazing Daddy. Handsome and Jeans and Tshirt. I'm 5'8 and he seemed to tower above me!

"Such a good workout I had tonight boy my pecs and guns feel like they are going to pop out of my skin"!! They look like they could Jim I said...nervous about what to say. They look amazing. "You like boy" he asked...and then flexed one of his Huge practically jumped out of the sleeve. He looked over at me...and I could tell he could see in my eyes how much I wanted him. "Need to take off my shirt boy..its a little warm in here" with that he peeled it off and over his head...looking me in the eye the whole time. Dropping it on the floor by his feet...he looked down at his pecs and flexed them..squeezing them hard. Grrrr...makes me feel good to get these melons pumped up boy" I realize I have hardly said a word and are amazing Jim!! He smiles at me slowly....and then bounces them...knowing from our talks that that drives this boy crazy!
I stand there in awe...taking in the incredible muscle show that seems so effortless for Jim. I've never seen pecs so huge and full..with the most amazing fat nips like crowns on the peaks of mountains. "come here boy...daddy needs you" I hear...and I walk over like on clouds. As I reach Jim he pulls me into him in a big bearhug and my feet come off the ground....lifting me up to meet him face to face and melting into a deep powerful kiss. Slow deep..tongues probing... then lowering me slowly and easily until I'm standing and looking up at him. Realizing I am tucked by his side...His massive muscle melons at face level for me and a huge bicep around the back of my shoulders holding me tight against him. " You like the pecs boy" He asks me. I love them!! I say...and mean it ...they are a work of art and iron!! Need my boy to nurse them...daddies had a long day and my pecs are full" With that I kiss and tongue the huge pec....finding my way quickly to the nipple and take it eagerly in my mouth. my other hand cupped under the other pec and feeling the weight of it in my hand. Amazed at how heavy it full and muscular. "Thats right need your Dad's muscle milk" Jim says...his deep voice turning me on so much! My cock growing thick and hard...I hear Jim's zipper come down and his jeans slipping to the floor...and his huge cock ...swelling out of them and against me. My hand slides down the torso and comes to rest on the most amazing and beautiful Cock I've ever seen. Groaning and sucking hard on Dad's fat nip...and feeling him swell even larger. "Yeah know what Dad Needs" Jim says to me. I am in heaven!!!
I worry for a second that I'm sucking to hard until I feel myself being pressed even harder into the monster daddy pecs "thats right boy" he says encouraging me relieved that Jim seems to love it as much as I do!! I've never tasted nips so beautiful and thick...or pecs so huge and massive...heavy with muscle and pure power! As if I doubted that power suddenly I feel Jim lifting me off the ground while I still nurse away hungrily! Walking with me Jim says "where's the bed boy?" All I can do is point ...I don't want to stop sucking to speak. Jim walks me to the bed and lays me down standing tall and amazing broad over me I look up at the most amazing Mega Muscle god ever! Huge boulder pecs like slabs of granite casting a shadow over me. Nips protuding from rock hard muscle melons! "You like your dad's muscle?" he says
I worship you dad I say! Good answer boy I hear in the most masculine deep voice imaginable! Pecs begin to bounce again and he flexes up one of amazing biceps as I gasp in awe and excitement! Climbing in next to me I feel small next to Jims massive size and quickly I feel myself being wrapped up tight. A deep kiss and then I feel my head being moved to the pec I havent tasted yet. "Milk your muscle dad" Jim says to me and I am eager to oblige! I feel like its my duty with him. Tasting his milk getting me SO excited!! Let me know when ur close he says....I want us to come together. both of us stroking ...although I could cum without touching myself. I'm ready Dad I say and with that I feel Jim stroke harder...hold it baby boy he says...I'll let you know when you can cum. And cum on my chest! Within minutes I am straddling jim and looking down at the most amazing man!! Muscles jumping out of the skin as he strokes....his huge cock slapping against my lower back! NOW boy he says and without touching myself I shoot a huge load on Jim's amazing chest....feeling warm cum hitting my back at the same time...almost to my shoulder blades! Fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhh! we both growl!!! Both squeezing the cum out at the same time...spasms coming together until I fall forward onto this amazing man exhausted! feeling my cum on my chest as I lay on Jim...pec to pec! Clean me up boy I hear...and I gladly lick my cum off his chest! Good Boy....gonna make you Daddies Best Boy he says!! I'm exhilirated as I lick and clean Jim's incredible chest. Licking the chest and taking time to make sure all is clean. Thats my boy Jim says and I lay my head on his heaving chest. Slowly both of us settling into the same breathing pattern together...I lay on him like his boy blanket and feel his huge arms wrapping me up! Daddy needs to sleep for a bit boy....and then ur gonna get all of me. I'm going to fuck you in the morning...but for now I'm going to show you how good it feels to fall asleep with your Dad. I settle into size fitting perfectly against his bigger size. Never have I felt so wonderfully protected as when I was in his arms...Slowly falling to sleep and thinking how excited I am for him to wake me in the morning!!

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pecsluvrdave said...

WOOF! LOVE this fantasy ! Muscledaddy and his boy!!