Thursday, November 26, 2009

Muscles of Love-A Thanksgiving Feast!

You've all heard about the 1st Thanksgiving at Plymouth Rock - or have you?!
The history books are wrong! There was another Thanksgiving prior to that one that historians refuse to acknowledge.

The first Pilgrims actually landed a few miles away at MuscleRock! So named for it's sheer size, shape, and physical development of the native Indians residing there.

The 1st Pilgrims were all men -- hard, solid, strong -- no women aboard as they didn't know where they'd land or what they'd encounter. They were religious men who never gave in to temptations of the flesh -- not on the voyage, not with themselves. Geez! These guys must've had the bluest balls on earth!

Upon arriving and setting up camp, they began to explore -- meeting the local natives. Curious to see only men in the tribe -- no women -- just like themselves. The women had a village miles away where they would raise the children. At age 12, the boys were sent to spend the rest of their lives with the men; to learn the ways of hunting, trapping, and manhood!

At first, the Pilgrims were frightened by the savages dressed only in loincloths; exposing more manflesh than they'd ever seen. They were also getting horny too -- upset by their so called 'Unnatural' desires! The Indians were men of great strength and physical prowess, but very accepting of the settlers -- eager to welcome them.

The Pilgrims learned of the land from the stories told by their new acquaintances. The Indians also told of the Great Chief; a man among men! He appeared to the tribe at times to council, and nourish them -- they received all their strength from the Great Chief and offered themselves in return for his protection, leadership, wisdom, nourishment and blessings! They believed he was descended from the gods. He had been around since the beginning.
The Great Chief was massively muscled; strong, defiant, courageous! He wore a loincloth woven of the pubic hairs of the mightiest warriors! A cape made of the longest, thickest braids from the heads of his men! Knee high leather moccasins from the hides of animals. Two large eagle feathers hung by strands of leather from the massive nipples. Bands of leather surrounded the huge wrists. A large head dress of feathers adorned his head and flowed down the back -- a feather for every man he'd conquered and brought into manhood!

As time went on, the Pilgrims yearned to see the Great Chief and find out if what was said was true. One day, they went to the tribal village to find the Great Chief perched high on MuscleRock looking down at the Indians who were on their knees bowing and pleading for him to feed them. He slowly descended the rock to walk amongst them. He was pleased to see how much more developed they'd become -- and was pleased to hear of the new settlers as well.
Seeing the hunger in their eyes, the Great Chief stood before them and removed the cape and loincloth -- in all his naked glory. All gasped -- including the settlers who were in hiding -- at the sight of this mightiest of men standing fully hard, raging wildly, throbbing his massive muscled cock at his worshipping throng!
They came forward quickly to eagerly feast on the flesh of this mangod!
The Pilgrims had never seen such an act before, nor had ever seen a cock that huge, tits so large, pecs so full -- and hungered themselves for a taste. As they began to realize the Great Chief was feeding not only his dick, ass, and tits to the Indians, but also his dick and tit milk as well as ass juices, they were horrified & aroused! This never happened in England! (well, there was that one monarch they weren't too sure of). ;-)
Aware of the onlookers, the Great Chief - who by now you've gathered is Big Jim - called for them to come out of hiding and feed upon him as well. Finally the Indians had to drag them to the center of the circle as they were too reluctant to do it themselves. They stood, then knelt before the Great Chief - afraid for their lives. "FEED" was all he said. Offering his body to the Pilgrims, they finally reached out for their first taste of manflesh.
They were abruptly stopped as they still wore clothes and that could not be. The Indians undressed the Pilgrims in a way that aroused the men. Never being naked before each other, they were shy but excited. As the Great Chief gazed approvingly, they were allowed to go forth and begin their meal. They licked apprehensively at first, but then something overtook them, turning them into insatiable wild starving beasts! They consumed all of the Great Chief and when the milk of life began to flow into their mouths, they felt stronger, more virile and younger than before! They greedily sucked for more and more until they'd had their fill, but still longed for more! Their English dicks were longer, thicker, fuller, and their puny nutsacs became heavy hanging baskets of manhood. Finally, they were forced off the body of the Great Chief as their greed had overcome their need.
Falling back, they were surprised at the sight of the Warriors offering their ass's to this Man! They'd never seen a man fucked by another man before. This was mind blowing! Also amazing was that the warriors liked it!

Later that night, a few of the Pilgrims - with their own evil ideas -- decided that they must have this Great Chief as their own -- feeding on him constantly to acquire the strength to rule over all! They felt that to fuck the Chief themselves would give them power over him and his people. So a plan was devised to lure him away into their trap, securing him in the stocks and while bound and positioned that way, they could fuck and suck the strength from him -- keeping him at their mercy!

The evil settlers approached the Great Chief the next day asking for council and wisdom. They wanted to know better the ways of his people and construct a shrine in honor of him. They led the Chief down a path to show him where it would be -- but actually leading him into their trap.
When they came to a desolate clearing, a trap sprang, entrapping the Great Chief by wrists and ankles. Quickly they rushed him; attempting to tear the loincloth, cape and head dress from him. One clubbed him on the back of the head rendering him unconscious! With that, they quickly dragged him to the stocks -- bending him over so his head and wrists are locked in securely -- the mighty muscled ass in full view! They spread his thick, solid thighs securing his ankles to either side of the posts leaving him exposed and vulnerable!

They shed their own clothing and began an assault on the Chiefs body! Several knelt beneath the front to capture his tits, cock and balls in their mouths, while the others worked his cheeks open to eat his mighty hole; preparing him for their own conquest! As the Great Chief slowly regained consciousness, he became aware of the situation and was enraged! He offered himself to these men as an act of kindness and acceptance, and they dare return the favor with this?! Flexing and struggling, shouting and bellowing, he fought to escape before the first dick entered him. Already he was releasing liquids in front and could not let his strength be taken by force. The assault was endless; the sucking, licking, eating, swallowing, mauling of his sacred frame until a tremendous burst of strength buckled the stocks and he straightened -- ready to fight!
The sounds of his voice echoed through out the woods, causing the Pilgrims and Indians alike to come running. A fierce battle began with the evil settlers being bashed, bruised, and bloody! The evil ones were set up in stocks in the center of the encampment -- and the Great Chief, the Pilgrims and the Indians all took turns fucking the very life out of each villain at each end!
When their assholes and mouths were filled with cum, they were then made to swallow the piss in each hole -- mouth and ass and covering their stock bound bodies! Degraded and humiliated, they were driven to the women's camp where they were forced into heavy labor for the rest of their days, and made as women!

Many moons passed before all settled down between the tribe and the Pilgrims. After many pow-wows between the Great Chief, the Indians and the Pilgrims, peace finally was achieved.
There were no longer dividing caps; all lived together as one tribe! All loved together as one tribe, and all worshipped the Great Chief together as one tribe!

In celebration of this new union, a feast was planned to commemorate this bond. The 1st Thanksgiving! Much food was harvested, hunted and prepared for and by all.

On the day of the celebration, all fed and drank of the food and wine.

Before this meal, another took place.
They all had much to be thankful for and felt a blessing would be in order.

The Great Chief, himself, removed all garments and laid spread eagle on the table, offering himself to the men as a sign of blessing and peace. As there were many more than before, his wrists were bound to the sides of the table so all could have complete access to him. The new tribe gave thanks and devoured the first of many meals from the Chief! His legs spread for access to his hole -- his muscles, cock, balls, nipples and tits became a smorgasbord for the hungry masses.

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