Sunday, November 1, 2009

BigJim Fiction "Feast of the Faggots!"

Long week -- hard day at the office and Big Jim is looking forward to a weekend of rest, relaxation, and working out to relieve the stress from the job.
He arrives home; weary and ready for a shower and a beer.
He scans the mail quickly and sees a large manilla envelope with handwriting on it -- almost like calligraphy.
''Hmm - will look at that later''

Taking the beer into the shower with him, Jim begins to relax under the flow of the hot spray. Trying to forget about the pile of bills out there waiting to be paid, he begins to lather himself, paying special attention to his large pecs and tits, which he is quite proud of. He begins to lose himself in his own self-worship; indulging himself with his hands & fingers -- caressing every inch of the full pec meat -- stroking, massaging the huge mantits which give him so much pleasure. He looks across the bathroom towards the mirror and marvels at the way he looks and feels. ''(sigh) If only there were two of me!''

In the bedroom, he opens the curious envelope. Inside is a lovely handwritten letter and a check for $1000.-!
''My Dear Sir - your presence is requested on Thursday, Nov 27th at the following address. We wish to request your services for a special Thanksgiving Feast - namely you! We have prepaid for a session with you. Enclosed is a phone number to call for any questions and instructions to get here.
Sincerely yours, Mortimor J. Collingsworth


Dialing the number, a deep voice on the other end assures Jim this is on the up and up -- and yes, beer will be provided for him. There will be 20 guests for dinner.

The day arrives and big Jim drives to the address -- a very old, yet well maintained Victorian mansion. He is greeted at the door by a very old, yet handsome butler who leads him to the parlor.
Looking around, the whole place is decorated in red, pink and gold - velvet cushions and drapes - antiques everywhere- everything trimmed with fringe and lace - like an old lady lived there. ''here is your (ahem) beverage Sir'' and the butler brings a tray of various beers from all over. ''dinner shall start when you have quenched your thirst Sir''

"What the hell kinda party is this? No football on the tube -- where is the TV anyway -- where are all the guys?''

''Sir, if you'll be so kind as to undress & hand me your clothes, I'll lead you to the dining hall - the master awaits you there''

Undressing, the butler pays no attention, nor gives any indication of excitement at the sight of Big Jim's body. Taking the clothes and placing them, folded, in a stylish cabinet, he beckons Big Jim to ''follow me''.

Entering a huge dining room, he sees a massive table with a trimmed lace tablecloth covering it -- candelabras at each end.
His host -- a peculiar skinny, egghead type -- greets him with the limpest wristed handshake ever.
''So glad you could accept our invitation! Please lie on your back on the table, and dinner will be served. As you know, you ARE the main course! My guests are very hungry,''
Big Jim does as asked, but noticed the incredible 'queeny' lisp in Mortimors' voice -- wondering what happened to the deep voice he heard over the phone.
Laying there, the butler and Mortimor take BigJim's wrists, spread them, and bind them to the edges of the table on either side. The same is done with his ankles. Very wide! Centered in the middle of the table, all he can see is the ceiling.
The butler's voice booms out that dinner is served!
With that, the guests enter from separate rooms -- all dressed impeccably with the slightest hint of cologne from each. They take their places at the table -- yes, place cards have been put out.
They range in age from 25 to 80. All thin, well mannered and groomed, and the most effeminent bunch he'd ever seen.
Mortimor asks for silence and all bow their heads as he begins a blessing for the bountiful feast laid before them.
Then they begin to undress and BigJim can't believe the sight! A few toned bodies, but mostly sagging skin or skinny, bony bodies.
''Oh shit! What did I get myself into! They're all queens! Faggots from hell!''
A large tub of soft butter is brought, and they begin to smear it over Big Jims huge, muscled body. He starts to change his mind, and struggles to escape, but those binds are tight! This only excites the fags surrounding him, making them grope, feel, and smear more.
''Isn't he just fabulous Mary?!'' ''Eewe! What a Man, he is!''
'''Have you never felt a body like hisssssssss before in all your days?!'' ''Sssssssimply luciousssssss!''
If that doesn't make you go limp, then what happens next will really get you.
Together, they begin to lick at Big Jim - ever so softly, gently, like a feather. Their soft tongues and soft hands caressing the muscle giant; making him squirm. Big Jim can't take too much more of this. ''I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANY MORE! EAT ME GODDAMN IT! EAT ME!''

''Listen girls! It speaks!'' "What a lovely presentation, but something is missssssssing''
With that, an apple is shoved in Big Jim's mouth to keep him quiet while they continue their slimy torture. Mouths soon press and engulf his flesh -- nerves are soon discovered by them on him bringing his gigantic cock to life! Tongues and mouths manipulate his sensitive tits and nipples bringing them to a quiver. Tongues lick and gently bite each side of the nape of his neck, more discover the pits of his arms while others devour the flexed muscles of his biceps - mouths engulf his toes & fingers -
scrawny boney hands work their way up and down his inner thighs till he feels his huge balls being swallowed and swished in two separate mouths - hands pry apart his ass and a tongue works it's way in there -- how this can be done with the way he's tied down is beyond him -- but finally all Big Jim can do is give in totally -- surrendering his flesh for the feast of these faggots.
He can hear the slurping and sucking and feel the slobber dripping on him. Still, his cock and tits begin to ooze their milky liquid. These are men(?) still, and Big Jim is never one to turn down a hungry man(?) so he begins to give them the show to go with the meal. He flexes and struggles -- grunting till he can finally spit the damn apple out of his mouth.
This does excite them -- seeing the muscled beast coming to life! They press their slimy cocks against the sides of his flesh -- gyrating their hips in the most disgusting manner imaginable.
They lean in to lick and suck the creamy white discharge from his nipples-savoring each drop. They suck his granite hard cock like velvet vacuums. More butter is brought in and slathered over the mandick.
Soon, they begin to crawl on top of the ManGod, positioning themselves in a sitting position over the manspear, and slide down for the fuck of their lives! Big Jim will fuck anything, but this takes some doing on his part. Once inside, something strange happens. He feels it from each man. Their assholes are like smooth, velvet vicegrips. As they ride the behemoth cock, it feels as if their assholes are literally sucking his dick from within.
By the 15th man, Big Jim can hardly control himself.
Sucking his mantits, licking his neck, sucking his fingers, toes, and balls, licking his now sweaty armpits, groping his muscles, Big Jim holds back until the last has had their fill of dick -- then -- with a loud roar, he breaks free of the ties on the table, stands on the table and bellows out his command: "WORSHIP ME!"
Now seeing him standing, flexing, milk dripping from his immense tits, chest thrust out, and mandick throbbing in midair, they cower and crawl around his feet as he lets loose a massive burst of dickmilk! Load after load shoots forth hitting and covering everything and everyone in it's path! They fight and push each other to get a mouthful. Big Jim cums and cums for a long time! Every man there gets his fill!
Then, getting on all fours on the table, Big Jim commands them to eat his ass and feast on his hole!
No self respecting 'Queen' eats a hole, but seeing the large muscled glutes, the enormous hamstrings they quickly dive in and feast like starving Ethiopians! Big Jim relaxes and allows his hole to open wide for them to get their tongues in as far as possible. These guys seem to have tongues like serpents as they manage to get almost in to his prostate! Worshipping his muscled ass, eating, devouring, and feasting on his hole gets Big Jim to the point his juices begin to flow out his hole and are eagerly lapped up by the flock of faggots! His cock and tits begin to surge with renewed strength. He falls over onto his back as he begins to lactate and ejaculate again! They swarm over him like cannibals!
Finally spent, the guests still haven't gotten their rocks off yet.
So Mortimor makes a suggestion. For $500.- more, he'd like Big Jim to fist fuck any two men he pleases. All begin to beg for it to be them.
Big Jim selects two skinny scrawny, but handsome men. One young and one very old. They position themselves on the table on all fours as Big Jim greases his fists and arms with the butter, then their holes as well.
Slowly he begins to finger them, but finds them already relaxed and ready to take it. He still goes slow, so he can hear them beg for it.
Finally, he pushes into them -- his entire fist in each mans hole -- as they squirm and writhe in delight -- their cocks as hard as granite and dripping as he maneuvers inside them. The other guests are stroking their cocks, but BigJim has a show to put on.
Deeper and deeper he goes into each. Finally, with all the strength he can muster, he brings his arms and the men up -- his huge muscled arms straight up in the air -- biceps, triceps, delts bulging as he flexes. The two scream as they find themselves in midair and slowly begin to slide down the length of Big Jims arms! Past the elbow, till Big Jim can feel their guts! The others can't hold back and begin to cum in explosive loads! The two on his arms cum and cum without even touching themselves as Big Jim uses them as combination dumbbells and hand puppets!
The sight of this muscled ManGod with his powerful muscles flexed and two small, puny cocksuckers impaled on each arm was a wonder to behold!
Setting them down was no easy task and pulling out was just as difficult.
The butler led Big Jim to the shower room where he assisted him with his 'cleaning'! As the butler undressed to get in the shower, Big Jim noticed that, although old, he was powerfully built! With a cock from hell! And big, huge, bulging, boulder pecs!
As he was expertly lathered, Jim asked the butler how he could work for such a bunch.
"I should tell you now, Sir, they actually work for me! I am Mortimor and the one you spoke with over the phone!
I hated to deceive you, but I've been a fan of yours for many years! I am 79 yrs old, and didn't think you'd care to have a session with a man my age, so I hired them instead so I could watch."


"I am sorry. But I was also afraid that, even if you knew, you'd change your mind. Plus, I was afraid of you. You have quite a reputation. I didn't think I could handle having you all to myself.
Guess I'm just a foolish old man." With that--BigJim got dressed and left-----but he came back many times after that to give the old guy the fantasy muscle he craved.

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