Saturday, February 27, 2010

BigJim with Alpha Bud Tom Feeder

It was a meeting or should we say MEATING that was turning into a fuckin event!!! BIGJIM and his online bud Arch Dad Tom Feeder had been planning this session for a few months to take place at a local motel. Each one of the muscled alpha’s would invite 3 of their boys to watch and possibly participate in this musclebound sex session. Two Alpha males in heat while 6 twinks watched and jerked off to the muscle lust that only two big fuckers like them could create .
Tom Feeder entered the room a little late but BigJim already had all 6 of the twinks servicing and priming is mega body in the meantime. Once Tom got there, the twinks stepped aside and stood against the wall to watch the two titans get in heat. You could smell the testosterone in the room. There was over 500lbs of muscle about to go at it!! BigJim grabbed Tom and kissed him deeply and rough! Their swollen erect cocks began to drip long gooey strings of precum as they felt each others muscles and as they pulled on each others turgid thick nipples. The twinks were moaning and jerking off wildly as the Alphas continued their muscle love for each other. The twinks knew they could not even come close to the sheer magnificence of these two muscle buddies as they displayed their mega bodies to the 6 of them. Their cum lay in puddles on the floor beneath them as they continued to ravage each other---their swollen cocks leaking like firwhoses for the twinks to lick up from the floor. BigJim suggested it get even hotter and ordered all six twinks to bend over the back of the sofa at the other end of the room. Without hesitating they obeyed and the the two Alphas began their onslaught! They began to fuck them one by one until the twink was totally exhausted and fell to the floor. It took approx an hour but by the end of the hour six twinks lay in sweatly heap on the floor --all fucked up!!! Looking down on them both BigJim and Arch Dad Tom Feeder felt they lived up to their reputations as alpha males and decided to mark the boys as theirs. After jerking off their big cocks and covering the pile of pathetic whimps with their pints of muscle batter , they aimed their still hard fuck tools at them and soaked them down with powerful streams of musclepiss. All six were hosed down like cattle. The room was wreaking of sweat and piss but all the boys knew it would be their job to clean it up. The two muscle alphas got dressed and headed out for a beer. They weren’t done by a long shot because they had planned on cumming back for round two!

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Anonymous said...

What a fantasy! Woof!