Friday, November 5, 2010

BigJim Unchained!

There's something about muscles and chains that create fucking hot pics! BigJim proves that in this new gallery of pics!

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Will E said...

Big Jim is beyond description. Simple words do not justify the mass of muscle he carries. I have had the pleasure of being with him a while back and I assure you, you want to experience his studliness to know for sure that you have been with the best. Big Jim should be on your bucket list.He will spoil sex with others as there is no one that even comes close to him. His photos are fantastic and make me hard and make be fantasize about being with him again, but they don't even truly depict his mass and muscle. He is solid beyond belief. His pecs are so hard if as if they were made out of steel, yet they are so suckable that you feel like an unsatsified toddler who can't get enough. His biceps are just unearthly, huge, powerful and when he wraps his arms around you and lifts you up, you are in heaven. I love thighs, thick thighs and his are like redwoods that you want to climb. Nestled in his thighs is a python of a cock. A cock that is so thick and sweet it should be on every menu in every restaurant in the world. You may want to believe I'm pulling your leg but I am not, this is no infomercial, this is a public service announcement and community service because I want to spred the word that you don't want to miss an opportunity to be with the Emperor, the King of King, the ultimate alpha male. We all dream of being with the best, the ultimate specimen, well I have been and I hope to be again. As I write this I need to pleasure myself becasue I am getting too excited. I will post again to share with you what the experience was life. This is just a brief introduction.