Friday, March 15, 2013


Here's a few reactions from a huge Canadian (Rick) fan I met on Bear Forest not that long ago. I did a few cams with him on Skype and here's his review---

Ricks first cam with BIGJIM---
Jim - I am still tingling from this morning. I am so glad I pleased you with my muscleworship. From the first time I saw your picture and video, I felt so inadequate to serve someone as magnificent and awesome, as YOU. I feel honoured that you were so pleased. I will try to get on the cam as often as I can. Can you give me the blog address again, please, Sir - I thought I had it, but can't find it. One other thing, Sir..... when we do get to be together in person.....I am so looking forward to kissing and massaging every inch of your beautiful, powerful and masculine body.....I want you to see and feel, my submissiveness and awe of YOU, fully and completely. I've never done this before, but have fantasized about it, then when I first saw you, I was hoping that you would consider me worthy.....I want to honour and respect you, beyond your dreams... Sir, I need to get back to work, but had to write to you...
Your reply leaves me breathless......I would be honoured for you to be my herculean musclegod.....but, you are MORE than hercules, Sir. YOU are the whole package. I am glad my submissiveness and awe came through on skype. I wasn't sure how I looked on your side. I want you to know you made a big difference for me today. You made a really ugly weather day, into glorious muscle built sunshine. I wish I could get down there right now and be on my knees before you...... I will do the review either this evening or when I get back from my appointment tomorrow. I want it to be a source of pride for you. Jim - I want to please YOU, and in doing so today, YOU have more than pleased me. I want to show that in the review. I thought I could do the cam tomorrow, but I have an appointment just after my work's morning teleconference. I WILL be on Friday morning, if that's OK with you. Again, thank you for the most wonderful morning a guy could EVER imagine could happen. You made me feel more submissive and paying total awe and adoration, I could have hoped to experience, and to such a beautiful and perfect male who is the complete meaning of masculinity.........

Rick's 2nd Cam with BIGJIM----

 [9:44:39 AM] MUSCLEWORSHIPPER-Rick: Today, I was treated again, to view and experience BIG JIM's massive, perfect and bulging muscles.  This adonis would definitely make "pro" body builders feel insignificant in his presence....  BIG JIM's smile warmed me up and then flexing and watching me melt before him, all I could say was "fuckin' hot, fuckin' perfection...."  Next thing I know, he's oiling his muscles and the glistening surfaces exploded on my full screen to my surprise of this special event.  BIG JIM could readily see that his l'ilguy was fully in his contol, totally submissive and awaiting his desires......then, all of a sudden, a look of sheer ecstasy came over this MASSIVE MALE, his hands off his oiled cock.....then an explosion of muscle milk, and it kept exploding and BIG JIM kept groaning and
This l'ilguy was exploding inside with him and both MAN and li'guy were exhausted.  But, BIG JIM, true to his awesomeness, kept strokin
[9:48:06 AM] MUSCLEWORSHIPPER-Rick: BIG JIM - that was so FANTASTIC !!!!  Thank you for making my day, again.   I can NOT wait to be able to worship your musclepower, in person.   Take care, my protector, and keep working out every day.   Know that there is a l'ilguy that appreciates your workouts and wants to reward you.......please, honour and adore YOU


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