Wednesday, November 5, 2014

One Man's Tribute to BIGJIM

Mark from Pennsylvania expounds on his adoration and attraction to BIGJIM in this glowing tribute written in his own words.

As I begin to write this tribute to You, Big Jim, I find myself facing a daunting task.  I say that because, no matter what I might write about You and what I might put into words, there really are no words to describe Your total magnificence and splendor!  I want to offer You the adoration and worship that is truly due You, but I know that my words cannot adequately express how I really feel. 
I believe that true worship of a Man or God has to come from a heart that is full of desire and a singular desire:  a desire for that particular Man or God.  I believe that true worship cannot come from a “half-hearted” person, from someone who has a divided heart with many Men or Gods involved.  I also believe that true worship comes with a heartfelt desire to continue build up knowledge of the Man or God being worshipped.  Desire is most important…singular, heartfelt desire.  Worship demands a deep desire for that which is worshipped, not a desire to possess, but a desire to give all to the one desired.  It demands a “pure heart” of the one worshipping.  It is not a desire that cannot be shared:  it is for one man, one God only.  For a man with this kind of deep desiring, worship is the most natural thing in the world.
And so, Big Jim, I come before You to worship and adore You.  I do so because I believe You to be both a magnificent Man and God….the highest of men in the hierarchy of men, and the fleshly embodiment of an all-powerful God.  Know that I have a heart that is full of desire for You:  for Your good; for Your well-being; for Your delight;,for Your pleasure; and for every possible thing You require!  I am not concerned about my pleasure;  it’s not about me.  It’s all about you and your worship.  And so, I bow low before you and proclaim:

You are the most handsome Man I’ve ever been blessed to gaze upon!

I magnify You and adore You!

I believe Your physical body is perfect!  From head to toe You are perfection!

I honor You as the God You are!

You are majestic and glorious!  You are royalty!  You are divine!

I am far, far beneath You because You are so very high!

I kneel before You in trembling and fear because I know how powerful You are!

You are a man who is full of goodness, because of Your willingness to share Your beauty!

You are holy!  Holy, holy, holy Lord!

Your deeds are wonderful.

You are strong!  You are great!  You are Almighty!  You are most high!

You deserve to be pampered constantly!

You are powerful…the highest power!

Your muscles are worthy of every kiss placed upon them!

Your nipples deserve non-stop attention. 

You are the most sexual of all men! 

I kiss and lick your cock and balls, in awe of their splendid beauty!

I seek to be covered with Your cum.

Every part of your body, from your head to your toes, is perfectly formed!

I am obliged to worship and adore You; I was born for that purpose.

You are so far above  every other man on this earth!

You have a singular beauty, incomparable to any other man!

You are greater than all gods.  You are the greatest God, and so worthy of my desires, my praise, my adoration, my worship.

I acclaim You as my Lord and God!

I worship the very ground You walk upon, Sir. 

And so, I offer this tribute to You.  I know in my deepest gut, my deepest self, that I will never encounter another Man like You, Big Jim. I know that Your full magnitude can never be grasped by me.  Just when I think I know You, I will discover something more magnificent and more beautiful about You. Your beauty does not end!   Your name says it all for me:


Beautiful in every way!

Incomprehensible…so much greater than me!

Glorious in every part of Your body!


Justly and rightfully worshipped!

Impressive beyond all expectation!

Magnificent Master of all other men!


I bow low in total adoration, submission and worship of You and Your beauty, Big Jim. 

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