Monday, December 7, 2015

BIGJIM Sexual Muscleheat!

This is my second narrated slide show....... I decided to make it more sexual with dirty talk and lots of MUSCLETUDE!!!  Total muscle arrogance !

A boy from the Mideast comments on the slide show

OHHH daddy i loved how you describe & praise yourself, i live your confidence, i love your amazing arrogance, i love how you are proud about yourself, all these things make you powerful, attractive & wanted.
Also i love how you treat your boys with all confidence & you know how to satisfied your boy by give him all what he need.
Believe me daddy i was shaking when i saw your video & hearing your deep  masculine voice.
I love everything about you, i love your muscles, i love your big strong chest, i ADORE your thick & juicy dick, you are the perfect man daddy.    

Really daddy thank you so much for the video.

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