Monday, June 25, 2012

Run in with Big Daddy Jim (Fantasy)

STORY SUBMITTED BY BIGJIM FAN NATHAN TRUCKING CUB FROM DALLAS, TX Run in with Big Daddy Jim (Fantasy); I’ve been driving for 6 years and I’ve never met a person like the man I met at the bath house in Syracuse NY. I was on my 36 hour restart when I started to get bored, and I was in a real need for relaxation. So I popped on the local gay attraction site and looked for some place to play. Found a Bath House that wasn’t too far from the Pilot Truck Stop on the I-90. It was late in the afternoon which is a great time to go to the houses when everyone is getting off of work, I had my gym bag ready, and checked into a room I had rented for the 8 hours. (While checking in I was lucky enough to see a really hot muscle daddy bear coming the door, nice big arms (Thank God!! for sleeveless shirts). This had to be BIGJIM! I had heard about him and saw his pics on line. As he drew nearer it sure enough was him! FUCK DAMN! I couldn’t get the image out of my head, so to help with that I went into the work out area to do some reps on the free weights. 30 minutes later the same bear had come into the gym with nothing but the same shirt and shorts that showed off the huge muscular legs that he was hiding underneath the sweat pants he had worn in. Luckily I just finished my leg press, and the next machine I was going for what the abdominal crush, it felt great not only pushing the weight around but also to get all that tension out from the road. It would have been easier to focus on the weight lifting if BIGJIM hadn’t show up. But I loved every minute, and he didn’t seem to mind being watched. He’d glance back a few times, until finally he asked for a spot. I was more than happy to grant the request, he was literally gleaming with sweat on he’s arms and chest, and being closer was almost too much. After a about 15 minutes I finished my routine and headed towards my room (thinking about the man I spotted), of course I had a little action going down below. So the towel only option didn’t hide too much. After leaving my room I made my way over to the huge hot tub the bath house had, there were a few others in it already, but luckily there was a corner vacant. The water felt great, it’s been month since I relaxed like this, and slowly my muscles began to relax (well all but one). I just leaned back and closed my eye, enjoyed moment. I hadn’t seen the muscle bear BIGJIM. I ran into at the gym so I figured he was busy with some of the other guys that were coming in. About 10 minutes later I was ready to get out and head back to the room, along the way I seen BIGJIM busy with about two or three guys, he looked like he was really enjoying himself, it was like watching the natural channel with the cubs feed from the mother bear. A little envious I made my way back to my room; I had left the door cracked open hoping to get some passersby’s attention. It wasn’t long before my door had opened all the way and there standing was the daddy bear BIGJIM in all his muscled glory, nothing but a sweaty chest and a towel wrapped around he’s waste. I didn’t really care how he found my room, I was just in shock that he found it, and yes very happy. Before I could say anything he shut the door behind him and locked it and walked over in front, he’s towel dropped to the ground, and a beautiful thick dick was pointing straight at me. He’s massive arms reached out to me and pulled me toward him in a strong and powerful bear hug. I could feel the power in he’s arms and he’s daddy dick poking my stomach. I was in heaven; all 5 senses were being overpowered with everything he brought with him. My eyes were in awe of the god like figure that stood before me, my skin felt the heat and wetness of he’s body and he held me close, my hairs felt like they were standing at attention from hearing he’s low moans and groans. As I started to get into to the moment, I started licking he’s chest, and worked my way around the pits and neck, eventually down to where he’s man meat was jabbing me. My mouth watered from the saltiness of the sweat and to top it all of the smell of he’s natural scent, sent me souring with lust. We get into an intense muscle worship session, he understand that’s this the first time I’ve been through something like this so he takes charge like a true Muscle Daddy, guiding my hands across he’s massive chest and shoulders down he’s huge biceps to he’s abs, and ass. Few moments later it’s a free for all, exploring every inch of he’s body, taking my mouth and nursing on he’s pecs. The next thing I remembered was he’s hand grabbing my head and bring it towards he’s mouth where he rammed his broad tongue into my mouth. Without warning I start feeling something warm run down my leg, he was pissing on me while he had me trapped in he’s python embrace, he’d guide my head to he’s pits and pecs. Soon the warm wet feeling stops and he put both arms on my shoulders and shoved me to the ground, put my mouth on his hard dick. Slamming my mouth so hard I started to gag, but that didn’t slow down the thrusting, it only made it faster. Moaning and low growls coming from him, he suddenly stopped fucking my face. Within seconds, he lifted me up and threw me down on to the bed. He climbed on top with myself lying on the back, straddle me with both of he’s massive legs, he starts to bend over on top with he’s chest to mine. Arms holding me in place and legs tighten around my mid-section, and slowly he starts grinding he’s meat on mine rubbing it back and forth in a humping motion. I loved the way this man kissed, with big wet lips, and tongue as he kept humping me faster and faster. Really building up lots of sweat, literally dripping, and so much the bed starts to get a bit slippery. Getting closer to the climax, he really lays the pounding into me, and a huge eruption of muscle milk shoots up in between. While at the same time he keeps humping, the milk making it really slick. He finally throbs he’s last ounce of milk, he slows the grinding down, moves the left side of my body, holds me in he’s arms. Reaches down to my rock hard dick and uses he’s milk as lube to jack me off. I could feel the movements of he’s chest as he holds me close, he’s tongue licking me like a dog finishing he’s bone. I’m completely covered with he’s milk, we lay there for a few minutes and my head is going a million miles an hour. But he wasn’t finished quite yet, we decided to go shower off and that was the best shower I’ve ever had. Before leaving the room I grabbed my body wash, shampoo and towels. Nothing but our towels on we walked down the hallway, the guys that were lounging around started to stare like it was a parade of some sort. I was glowing with excitement walking with this man and not once did he meet their eyes, he just kept walking like it was nothing. We finally arrived at the showers, we were the only two there at the moment. We would hang up our towels on the wall, he’d go over and get the water ready. As I watched, I was thinking (Damn he was one fine piece of meat, after he got the water right, he turned he’s back to the shower and looked straight at me. Gestured me over, and the fun began again, expect this time instead of just worshiping he’s muscles, he made me wash him. Of course I didn’t have a problem with that. After soaping him up, he grabbed the wash cloth and started to cover me completely with suds. What a shower!! After he had me all ready, we started making out, all slippery from stop, which made he’s muscles look bigger. He’s hugs were so strong it felt like I was the wash cloth as he squeezed me dry. The shower took about an hour, but it seemed like it only lasted a few minutes. Before we finished rinsing off, he grabbed my hand and told me to stroke. I thought he was completely out of milk, within a few minutes he shot across about 3 feet of the shower stall. It’s been about a year since I met the man, before we departed from the bath house, he gave me he’s email. Told me the next time I come through to give him a heads up, and that we wouldn’t need the bath house. He’d meet me at the truck stop and we’d just get business done there. BIGJIM and I have done several cam sessions since then and by a stroke of luck I’ll be there next week to enjoy the muscleman again!

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