Sunday, July 1, 2012

BIGJIM COACH!!!! Story submitted by long time bud and fellow bodybuilder Gary from Pa! Big Jim has been Head Football Coach at RoughBack High for years! He seems to have a way with turning a foorball team around, and in his years as Head Coach has never had a single loss. The players, students, fellow teachers, Principal, parents, and all regard him very highly. He walks the halls wearing his extremely tight white shirt, muscles bulging to the breaking point of the fabric and in tight black Coach shorts with that whistle hanging from his thick neck. He's also the gym teacher. Big Jim - or Pecules as he's called by all - has motivated the kids he's taken under his wing to the highest levels of scholastic and physical achievements! Everyday, he works out after school with his players. Coach Pex as he's also known, strips down to his sneakers & jockstrap in the weight room, sweating, pumping iron, & motivating the guys to get that last rep in! The players watch in awe as his mighty pectorals bulge & pump under the incredible amount of weight he presses, at his enormous biceps as he curls, at the massive quads & rock hard glutes as he squats! But most of all, they ogle the herculean tits on the MAN! Coach notices the stares, the drool dripping from their lips as he continues to pump! When he has them do their workouts, he stands at the foot of the bench flexing his hard mopuntainous pecs saying "YOU WANT THIS? YOUTHINK YOU DESERVE THIS? YOU GOTTA EARN THE RIGHT FIRST!" This always gives the boys the inspiration, motivation, & encouragement to summon every last drop of strength and push harder to to get more reps out. Before each game, after the pep talk, Coach strips his shirt off and allows the boys to feed from his tits, milking them to give them that added strength and stamina to win the game! They've NEVER lost! After the game, the Coach showers with them - as usual - but offers his entire enormous muscled flesh to all the players at once - to lick, feel, suck, fondle, taste, suckle and feed off his flesh as their reward for a job well done! He allows them all to soap him up in the shower, rub him down in the locker room, and stands over them on a bench, feet wide apart, flexing his Herculean arms and pecs before allowing them to worship! The Principal and the Fathers of the players all join in after the game as well! To show thanks, gratitude, and worship this Man among Men who has brought such victory to their boys and the school as well! Fathers are proud of the way their Sons have grown, muscled, and developed under the care of Coach! The Principal is proud of his Star Coach and Team! All is well until...................................... ....Slime High - their biggest rival catches wind of how the Team has been able to win all these seasons. The coach, players, and fathers of Slime devise a plan to ensure this doesn't happen next game when they go against Roughback High! Late at night, the players and dads wait until Coach Pex leaves the school and follow him in their van. They run him off the road, tackle him, and kidnap him taking him deep into the woods to a hide out. Big Jim is led into the large cabin, stripped naked and bound, arms behind him, to a large beam in the center of the room. Without their Coach, Roughback is sure to lose and they know it! Now, as the players, fathers, and coach gather round the huge naked muscled Coach, they begin to see how it's all possible to win! While Coach Pex is still groggy fromthe chloraform, he becomes aware of his surroundings, who all is there, and the fact that these boys and men are getting undressed themselves! Two days before the big game, they decide to insure their chances of winning by milking Big Jim dry! Never before have any of them seen a physical specimen of such brutal strength, raw masculinity, exuding such animal like sexuality, and macho! Before them, they see a Mammoth MuscledGod! Unable to control their own yearnings, they surround and move in on the helpless Coach - cocks growing erect, dripping, nipples hardening - fathers and sons together with one purpose in mind - suck the strenth from this man! They feel, touch, grope, fondle the heaving pecs, the growing manmeat, the heavy low hanging ballsac, and the extraordinary nipples - fingers slowly circling the areolas surrounding the thick fountains of nip. Tongues soon replace the hands, mouths move everywhere, over 36 tongues cover the entire area of Big Jim! Moans and groans, slurps and sucks are heard throughout the cabin as the mighty tits begin to produce a flow! The slick feel of precum against their boduies is the product of HEAVY precum produced by the mammoth cock of the Coach! Some slip and fall on the wet stuff leaving them at the feet of the musclegod where they waste no time in gobbling up the raining drops of liquid protein! Soon, Big Jim's pecs begin to shakeand heave violently as hands grope and massge them into prioducing a gusher of milk from his enormous man nipples! His cock, now hard as concrete begins to throb painfully as his nuts are pulled and massaged, churning the gallons of dickmilk soon to be erupting from his mighty rod! All that's left is his whistle, still hanging from his neck to remind all exactly who and what he is! THE COACH!! For two days, Big Jim is continually milked until his great tits are raw and 10 times their size from the relentless vacuum power of over 36 mouths, and his mighty cock hangs, not limp, but half hard between his thighs from the same. The players, their dads, and the rival coach are filled with the cream of Coach Pex, sure and confident to win. The suit up and head off for the big game leaving Big Jim tied naked, and exhausted. Roughback High had sent a all alert search party out seekingtheir beloved Coach. Finally, the Fathers come upon the cabin and release the big guy, taking him with a police escort to the locker room making it just in time for the game. Before the players head on to the field, Big Jim's huge naked body is carried in and placed on a bench. With his last ounce of energy, Big Jim manages to utter; "FEED!" Without a second to spare, the p[layers converge on the Coach, sucking as hard as they can, draining the last few drops of milk from the almost lifeless body of the ManGod - that - and the excessive training they've undergone plus the stored up protein from previous games makes it a game to remember. The players - angry at what Slime High has done - takes the field and it's an all out combat zone as they show no mercy to the rival team! They win 26-0! After the game, Roughback High rushes the rival teams' locker room - players and Dads fuck the living shit out of Slime's players, Dads, and Coaches! Big Jim is brought into the locker room - laid on a bench again - and both teams, both sets of Dads, and the rival coaches spew thei laods on Big Jims body bringing the strength back to the big guy! The liquid protein seeps into the pores of Coach Pex rejuvenating him, making him stronger, more powerful than before! Enough so that he is able to exact his OWN revenge on all who'd taken advantage of him! You should see the yearbook pictures! The next year, many students from Slime High tranferred to Roughback along with the coach (who is now the janitor, but doesn't mind cleaning up the locker room after a game)! The town of Roughback enjoyed a boost in economy as the families of those students moved to town at the Fathers request! Now you can find Fathers & Sons training together with Big Jim and enjoying a new bond between them and the Coach as well! As a gym teacher, Big Jim has been able to motivate even the queeniest twinks to new levels by offerin

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