Tuesday, November 13, 2012



On a warm, humid evening, I am even hotter and hornier than normal. I need to get some sex bad so I log onto my computer and cruise an online sex site, Adam4Adam, looking for a sex party where I can rule some unsuspecting men and fuck them hard! I soon notice that there is a sex gathering scheduled at a local motel. What grabs my eye and makes this special is the guy who is posting it is promising that BigJim will possibly drop in.

BigJim is a stud who cannot get his butt kicked. He defeats every man who attempts to fight him. Making them all his slaves! I immediately come to realize that I will not rule the night but will be ruled. Still, BigJim is such a stud that there is no way to avoid the temptation. He has control over me even when he is not present. I now have a nice hard-on. There is no way that I am going to miss this party!

I arrive early and open the door. The first thing I notice is BigJim in all of his glory! He is already partially nude. He has stripped himself of his pants and underwear revealing a huge and powerful dick like I have never seen. His muscular pecs and bulging biceps are covered by a white t-shirt that cling to his deeply etched muscles. His sheer masculinity and strength are intoxicating. I now have a raging hard-on and notice that there are already 8-10 guys there worshiping the big powerful man.

As I enter the room, most of the guys turn to check me out, to size up the competition. And, competition, I am. I will kick everyone of their butts to get to the big guy, BigJim, a man who appears as a god!
However, that turns out to be a bad move as BigJim does not like other tough guys except to enslave them all including me. He does not likemy tough guy attitude intimidating his slaves. They are not my butts to kick but BigJim's butts to rule!
BigJim's body language is clear. He is angry and his intense focus fixates on me! Even though I know that I am about to get my butt kicked, my raging hard-on intensifies as does every other man's in the room!
BigJim approaches me aggressively, chest thrust out, chin jutted forward, hands balled into fists! I don't back down and BigJim gets into my face. When we are within inches of each other, our physical differences are more than obvious. My football players build, beer gut, and clean cut short blond hair pales in comparison to BigJims ruggedly powerful appearance. There is no doubt in anybody's mind who is going to win this fight! But, I am thinking with my dick, not my brain. My brain would have told me better
One punch is all it took, a solid right hook that sends me stumbling back and falling to the floor. I am done! Time to stick a fork in me. I am now nothing more than a meal for BigJim and his slaves to eat. However, BigJim has other plans for me... enslavement!
When I regain consciousness, BigJim orders me to my knees. I struggle but get on my knees but do so as fast as I can. I don't want my butt kicked again! BigJim then turns around with his muscular butt right in front of my face. A handsome butt that I can never hope to kick. BigJim then orders me to lick his butt clean. In fear, I respond: "Sir, yes Sir! Then shove my tongue up his butt as far as I can. Darting it in and out, then up and down his crack. The taste of his sweat and shit intoxicates me even more placing me under total mind control. BigJim is now in charge and I am his to obey.
After humiliating me in front of all of his slaves, including many more that have arrived by this point, he decides to humiliate me even more. He orders me to be the room janitor. A slave to all of the men that have come there to worship him. A slave to many slaves is now what I have become.
I am now in charge of keeping the line of men and boys, entering the room, moving in an orderly fashion. Since I am tougher than all of these men, they do nothing but obey me at first. However, once all of the men and boys are in the room feasting on their master, loads of cum are now flying onto the floor and up onto the walls. BigJim's slaves then order me to clean it all up or they will have BigJim kick my butt again. As infuriated as I am at having weaker men order me around, I have no choice. BigJim is the dominant man, the butt kicker that I dare not disobey.
As the night goes on, I am cleaning up tons of cum. Licking it off of mens stomachs, chest and even out of their butts after BigJim furiously fucks them all! I have never eaten so much cum in all of my life. I didn't realize that men can shoot such big loads. Then again, I have never seen all of these men with BigJim before. He is so hot and handsome that he makes your balls swell up larger than ever before. Locked and loaded to shoot jizm like balls out of a cannon!
BigJim then decides to have his turn with me. You can hear all of the other men snickering. "What a loser" I hear one of them say and he is about to be proven right!
BigJim grabs me by my hair and shoves me into the bathroom. Throwing onto the floor near the toilet. He then sits on the toilet and takes a huge shit. I have never seen or smelled anything like it. He then stands up and orders me to my knees. Once again he controls me to lick his butt clean and I proceed to lick every ounce of shit out of his huge hairy muscular butt. Much to my surprise, BigJim has saved one more log to shit into my mouth. It is huge and begins to choke me. I gasp for breath but it is no use. As I fall back to the floor, BigJim pulls me up and throws me over his shoulder. Although, I am losing consciousness, I can feel myself being carried out of the bathroom in to the motel room and thrown onto the bed.
I land on my stomach still gasping for air. I feel BigJim grab me by my hips and bring my hairy butt into the air. He then penetrates me hard. Shoving his huge dick up my butt with a force that I have never felt before. Such power ripping my butt-hole apart. The sheer force of his dick thrusting in and out of me forces me to completely swallow his shit. I can breath again but I have never been in such pain as his dick penetrates me further and further. How can a man's dick be so big and powerful that he is forcing me into unconsciousness by fucking the hell out of me? Even qucker than by choking on his huge log of shit. I have never had such an experience before. I have never had my butt kicked so easily nor been so completely under another man's control before. I have never been fucked by a god before!
Many hours later, sometime the next day. I regain consciousness. My butt is still sore from BigJim's huge dick penetrating it so hard and deep. When I finally manage to get myself up. I struggle to the bathroom to splash some water on my face. When I reach the sink, I look up into the mirror. To my surprise and embarrassment, I notice the word: "loser" written across my forehead with a black marker.
While I was being completely humiliated, BigJim was being honored and worshiped. Another victory for BigJim and another humiliating defeat for me!