Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Session with BIGJIM!


One day I was walking through the streets when i saw the sexiest guy ever!! It was BIGJIM and I remembered him from his blog as I was staring at him in ecstasy!! He was headed toward the gym so I followed. I stared at him at every angle because he didn't have a bad  side. After he finished his workout I knew he was gonna take a shower so I took all my clothes and got in to one of the stalls. I waited and finally I saw BIGJIM naked and his big meaty penis swinging around as he entered into the stall next to me! I found a hole in the wall that allowed me to see  me what he was doing!! I peeked in the hole and Isaw BIGJIM sitting down, the water running on his body, while his hand was running down to his dick and started stroking his cock and my dick instantly became hard!! After a minute he noticed that I was staring at him but I didn't notice because I closed my eyes while stroking my dick with my mouth open!! When BIGJIM reached his climax he came 12 shots of cum on my face and in my mouth!! I swallowed all of his sweet semen and he crawled up to me and licked my face clean. Then he kissed me and we shared his cum. After that I reached down and took his big dick in my mouth and sucked it hard and fast until he came down my throat!! It was like I was living a dream!!!! I swallowed all the cum and fell to the ground with my back on the ground and my legs on his shoulders and then he inserted his humongous dick in my ass and he did something I didn't think he would do. He pissed in my ass and filled me up with his piss!!! Then he thrusted his hips back and forth and he started picking up his pace and went harder, faster, and rougher and i was moaning from all the pleasure!! He finally came in my ass andI  felt all his sticky juice going up deep inside me. He left his dick there until his 8 inch dick went flacid into a 5 inch dick!! He took his dick out and licked my ass to get the cum that was coming out!! He concluded the session by slapping  my ass as I stared at him while he put his clothes on and then he left!!I was left behind as one fucked up worshiper!


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