Sunday, December 23, 2012


I lay in bed, naked, with my cock throbbing, anticipating finally meeting the MAN of my dreams. We had exchanged emails for months and had a couple of sessions on Skype, but now the real thing was about to take place. I hear him at the door and immediately get on my knees with my head bowed. The doorknob turns and he walks inside. I dare not look up as I've been instructed not to. He removes his shoes and walks over to me, towering over me, this massive hulk of a MAN, clad in jeans, a tight muscle shirt and wearing dark sunglasses. He speaks, "Are you ready to worship me boy?", "yes SIR" I respond. "Are you ready to taste a real MAN boy?", "yes SIR" I respond again. "You are worthless compared to me boy, UNDERSTAND?", "yes SIR, I am nothing compared....". "SHUT UP boy," he barks, and firmly presses his hand across my mouth. "All I want to hear from you is Yes SIR, no SIR you piece of crap!". I stay kneeling, shaking at the thought of upsetting this MAN you could overpower me so easily.

He grabs my head and forcefully pushes it into his crotch. "You ready to take my MAN meat boy", "yes SIR." "And you better not fucking gag or you'll be in trouble boy", "yes SIR". I am in heaven, my head buried in the wonderful crotch of my dream MAN, just waiting until he takes off his clothes and I see his flesh up close. He releases me from his strong grip and orders my to remove his shoes and socks and then lie on the floor underneath him; he towers over me. He takes his foot and rubs it on my hard cock. His manly feet proceed to move across my entire body as I shiver in anticipation, my cock dripping. He brings his foot to my face and rubs it all over me. "keep your tongue in 'til I tell you boy!" be harks. He then brings his foot to my mouth and orders me open up. "Taste your Daddy boy, and don't forget your first taste as there will be much more". I suck on his feet and toes with a keen eagerness. I feel worthless at the feet of this REAL MAN.

My Master proceeds to slowly undo his belt and remove his pants. I notice the huge bulge popping from his briefs. "Not yet boy" he say, "all in good time." "Are you ready boy?" he asks. "Are you ready to see what the body of a REAL MAN looks like boy?" "Yes SIR, I've been dreaming......". He bends over and slaps my face. "I told you once boy, only Yes SIR and no SIR. Do I need to beat it into you?" "No SIR", I respond quivering. "No more chances boy. You speak again and it's big trouble!" He stands over me again and begins to remove his shirt. As does he sits on top of me, his crotch up against my chin. "Want you to get an up close look at this body boy". "And no touching boy; you only get to look for now." My mouth begins to drool as I finally see up close what I've been dreaming of for months now. The bulging biceps, the huge, hard pecs, the rock hard abs; I couldn't believe what I was seeing. He begins to pose for me and my cock begins to really throb underneath him. He then moves up and sits on my face and says, "pretty soon that's my bare ass you'll be eating boy, just want to give you a sense of what that will be like."

Daddy Jim gets up and sits on the edge of the bed and instructs me to get on my knees before him. Without thinking I place my hands on his monstrous things...bad idea. He smacks my hands away. "What did I tell you boy??" he yells, "NO TOUCHING!" He yanks me up by the hair and throws me down on the bed, throwing my like a toy. He places me in a choke hold, his bulging bicep pressing hard against my cheek and massive arm squeezing my neck as I struggle to breathe. "I could choke you out boy", he whispers menacingly into my ear. He applies pressure for a while and makes me beg to let go. "Please SIR, I beg you not to hurt me SIR." He finally relents. "You're lucky i'm not in a really bad mood boy, or you'd be in real trouble. But I'm gonna make sure you don't touch me for a while." He grabs some rope lying on the bed and proceeds to tie my hands together behind my back. "Now back down on your knees boy," he barks. I resume my place kneeling before him as he sits on the edge of the bed. "Now it's worshipping time, slave boy!"

Applying hard pressure to the back of my head, he starts me at his feet and slowly moves me up his legs as my lips and tongue go to work on the piece of art. He skips over this crotch area and brings me up to his arms. I slowly worship his forearms and biceps then he buries my face in his pits. I'm in absolute ecstasy. "This is what it's like to taste a real MAN boy." He then buries my face in his stomach and abs as my tongue and lips go wild tasting him. I can feel the bulge in his underwear growing. "Are you ready to nurse on my boy?" "Yes SIR," I say, sure to say another word. He brings me up to his left nipple and I being to suck for what seems like hours. He forcefully moves me over to his left nipple and I spend a while worshiping. He then grabs me by the ears and brings me up to face him eye to eye. He begins to lick my face all over, and then gives the most forceful, beautiful, long kiss I've ever had. I'm in pleasure heaven. "That's all for now boy," he says, "you haven't earned more kissing yet." He then stand up and takes down his underwear. "Now it's time to worship my manhood boy," He shoves me into his crotch and massive cock. I lick up and down the shaft and in between his thighs. I'm in heaven again. He shoves his man meat into my mouth and suck on my Master for a while.

After some sucking he yanks me off his cock and pulls me up. "You did a good job boy, daddy is pleased." He then lays me down on my back and gets on top of me. He grinds on me as I feel his every bulging muscle on my body. i long to touch him all over, but my hands remain tied, a reminder of my earlier lack of obedience. He cradles me in his massive arms and begins to fondle my cock and balls and kiss me all over. i could remain in his arms forever, I feel protected and safe. He sucks me for a while and we engage in some deep kissing. After a while he sits up, "that's enough affection for now boy," he says. "Time to feel Daddy's wrath again!:

He slings me over his shoulder and walks around the room, carrying me like a rag doll. As he walks with me he begins to spank my bare ass. Though painful I enjoy the sweet sting on his massive hand on my ass. He graciously continues to fondle my cock and balls as well. he then puts me down and bends me over his knee as he sits on the edge of the bed. "Time for a real spanking boy, are you ready?". "Yes SIR", I respond, scared and excited about what's to come next. He begins to spank me, every so often fondling my cock and balls, and playing with my hole. After a while he orders me to stand back up. "OK boy you're earned some more worshiping time, but just for a little while. and this time, you get to touch boy." He unties my hands and runs them across his arms, stomach, and chest. My cock is about to explode! Then he gives me a big hearhug. i can hardly breathe but don't want him to let go. From there I proceed to run my tongue, lips, and across this entire body and he poses for me. He shove my face into his cock again and I suck him deep. He then turns around and forces my face into his ass. "Rim me deep boy," he shouts, "make your Daddy feel good." I stuck my tongue up deep, wanting to please him as much as I could. After some more worshiping he throws me back down on the bed and we engage in some more passionate kissing, hugging, sucking.

"You've done a good job boy, you've earned some attention from your Daddy. But just to let you know who's boss I'm gonna make sure you keep still." He orders me to lay on my back spread eagle and proceeds to tie me to each corner of the bed. Once I'm secured, he gives me more pleasure than I've ever experienced. He grinds on top of me, kisses, licks, and sucks me all over. He allows me to speak to let him know if I ever come close to orgasm, which I do several times, but he doesn't allow me to cum. "If you cum, your Daddy will be very angry boy, and you don't want to see that." He continues to edge me. Spiting in his hand and slowly rubbing and jerking my cock and bringing me close to completion before I tell him to stop. i come close but dare not cum for fear of the repercussions. 

After a while Master Jim unties me and say, "ok boy, your turn to work on me now." He lies on his stomach and I begin to give him a full body massage. My cock continues to throb on top of him as my hands move across his wonderful body and sink deep into his massive muscles. Once he says I'm done, he allows me to worship him once again. He puts me in a strong headlock as my mouth locks on his nipples and suckle him for a while. He gives me strong hugs and kisses and even carries me around the room, cradling me, as we engage in deep, wet, kissing. We come back to the bed and he plays with me. My cock and balls, lightly fingers my asshole, and licking and kissing me. He brings me to the edge again and again, slowly jerking my cock, soaking wet from his spit and my own pre cum. He finally says to me, "Let it go boy, cum for your Daddy boy," until I explode all over, screaming in ecstasy. Soon after, Daddy comes all over my chest then we lay together, me in my strong Daddy's arms.

Before he leaves, my Daddy says, "you've done well boy, you've earned another visit." Thank you SIR" I say and begin to dream again about the next time.

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