Wednesday, February 27, 2013



It all started some months ago when I received a message on one of the sites I where I have a posted profile called Daddy Dater. The boy expressed his interest in me as his muscle daddy. I really could not make much from the pic he posted but he certainly qualified by his stats! A young 21 yr old college boy lean, muscled and smooth! I made arrangements to do a cam session with him on skype. Well--the skype session happened and man was I-like he--hooked! The boy PAtrick was soon to become my personal muscleson.This beautiful boy met all my qualificatons. Smaller stature, lean, smooth, muscled with a huge cock and submissive attitude. A muscle daddy's dream boy.We decided to meet realtime as he was only about a 75 mile drive from me. I arranged to meet him at a local motel.When I got to the motel I walked into the room and fuck!!! There he was--my dream boy.He came up to me totally naked and all i could do was put my huge arms around him and kiss the boy deeply and passionately. With my tounge still deep in his eager mouth I lifted the boy in my arms cradle style and carried him to the bed. I lowered his beautiful body down to the bed and then proceeded to strip myself as the boy just looked on in awe.I wasted no time diving on the boy and rimming his warm sweet boy hole. the boy was definitely in heat as his sweet hole was already moist and dripping in anticipation of me breeding him.I could no longer do this foreplay thing--I lifted the Patrick's legs up and my thick muscle cock now dripping in precum entered him slow and easy. His moaning was deafening but I proceeded to drive myself deep into his boy cunt. Once I was fully in I could see Patrick's eyes roll in the back of his head. The pounding became intense as I fucked this adonis big cocked muscleboy relentlessly!After a full hour of fucking him in every position I puled him towards me, my cock still buried deep in him and kissed him hard. With that I relesed my primary load into the muscleboy's hole. Simultaneouly he shot his load all voer his belly and chest. Patrick's breeding and seeding was now complete.I pulled from his hole and watched as my mega load poured out of his twitching boy cunt.As he lay there panting and spent I licked his own warm boy milk from his belly and chest and then fed him mouth to mouth. That was Patrick's first of many Breeding,Seeding and Feeding sessions wit his muscle daddy-BIGJIM


txbeargreg said...

i wish it had been me

Bay said...

More... and younger please!

Calogero Mira said...

Have a wonderful life.